Polaroid goes back to its roots

I just posted the article Polaroid goes back to its roots.

Polaroid launched a new digital camera that prints images immediately from a tiny internal printer, in an effort to try and keep the company relevant in a big, bad digital world.
Polaroid’s new PoGo…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15409-Polaroid-goes-back-to-its-roots.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15409-Polaroid-goes-back-to-its-roots.html)

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Unfortunately, I am old enough to know about the Polaroid Swinger. :o Digital cameras were not too expensive- they didn’t exist and neither did many personal computers. Back then (1965) besides a polaroid Swinger you had a stereo and probably a transistor AM radio. I remember distinctly when the Swinger hit the market. It was like magic back then and was so popular because it told you when you could take the picture, by saying YES on the viewfinder, then it came out of the camera you pulled the film apart after a cetain time and presto! There was the picture in glorious black and white!

Oh and it only cost $19.95! I still remember the televison commercial and the jingle.

The tech certainly sounds interesting, but they’re going to need excellent image & print quality if they want to attract consumers in this digital age.

If you can get high quality prints by printing from the camera’s memory at home, why not. Prints NOW are still magic, as Crabbyappleton points out, back in '65 or so, you got a b/w print-small, which you could then send to polaroid for enlargements. Worked then.

“The iconic instant film camera was retired last year, and it was unknown if Polaroid planned to enter the digital age.”

Huh? Polaroid has been selling digital cameras for more than a decade! It’s called research, people!