Polaroid DVR

I would like to inquire about the Polaroid DRA01601A DVR. Can you please let me know if this is a refurbished product??
How long will the shipment take? The price is $99 plus $5 shipping. Do I pay sales tax?

Maria, where exactly did you see any information about this DVR? I found a post here at MyCE regarding this dvr, but it dates from 2007, and was referring to a deal at www.woot.com

That deal is LONG since past.

Did you see it somewhere else?

It’s a older DVR with a hard drive in it, 160 gig. It also has a full OTA and cable digital tuner. I test drove about 3 of them when they were first released at Walmart. I never got the tuner working properly on cable of any of the ones I tested but I believe the OTA part worked fine and many folks never had issues with them depending on what they were using them with and when they bough em.
If you want to do some searching there should be a older thread about them at http://www.avsforum.com/. My comments and many other users will be in it.