Polaroid DVD Recorder w/ 80 gig HD, LSI chipset $220

I’m going to try one of these if I can find it. WalMart is supposedly receiving
these now. It also has YesDVD software.

“Polaroid’s DRM-2001G DVD combination hard disc drive/DVD recorder with
YesDVD software makes it easy for consumers to create Hollywood-style
DVDs from their home movies at the touch of a button.”








I saw this unit at my Walmart today for $220. My liteon hard drive has functioned very well so I am interested in another hard drive based unit. Did you get it???

Anyone else??? Hows it working and with what blank media???


Bought one labor day monday and imediately popped in a 250 gig drive which fired right up and worked after some thrashing and noise. The recorded stuff looks good, the editing functions are pretty primitive but work with some effort, the machine will not accept other burners so far, I tried:bigsmile:
The tuner is mono :a but it does record everything that comes in from other sources as stereo, it doesn’t have vcr plus or any type of guide, it does record from the component inputs and might even set 16x9 properly.
I have messed with it a lot, pulled it apart, put it back together, tried everything. Its great for the money and the ability to add bigger drives. it’s lacking in a proper stereo tuner and better editing capabilities.
It does record very well to all the media I have tried so far, does all flavors of plus and minus, will not do DL or RAM has like 8 speeds instead of flex record and will do 2.5 hour mode.
I still like my OLD Panasonic e-80h machine as far as layout, editing, ease of setup etc, but it was 400 bucks several years ago and the drive cannot be upgraded to anything bigger and its formats for recording are pretty limited.
It is based on Philips parts and is basicly the same unit as the one for 300 they sell with a 160 gig in it, so if you know how their setup is thats what you get.
It also has firewire inputs and a empty header on the board for USB too so I spose if I wired up a plug or found one from the other philips unit it would also work.

A mono tuner? How retro can you be in the age of optical 8.1?? Well, I currently run my Liteon thru a vcr tuner to avoid picking up an irritable hum, so I’m used to using rca jacks. I put my Liteon hard drive in a mobile rack and use that to transfer files to my computer, and would plan on doing the same with the polaroid. What kind of hard drive does it use and what kind did you upgrade it with?

What do you mean by having an empty USB header?? What can you wire up to that and what could you do (if it worked??=smile!) Great Info.===THANKS /// bobbo

Yep, pretty lame, my old pabasonic has a full stereo tuner and even does the SAP channel and records it in dolby digital 2.0 or PCM, my choice. This ones tuner is mono and the low end is lacking to boot so it sounds a bit tinny/treble happy. I believe the Philips version has the same tuner but who knows.
As far as the USB header it’s right there, and is even labled USB, just no connector or wiring connected to it. The philips version does use it so I bet we could get the connectors and wiring to make it work from them if wanted. The input menu has a DV section and just says something like 1394/USB so I think it will take whatever is connected to it, one at a time of course. Which means you can connect a camcorder directly to it, or possibly a firewire external hard drive or anything that outputs something the machine can deal with.
I have a external box that I can run USB or firewire out of and when I get the right cable to make it work I’ll probably try the old hard drive out of here in it and see if it can use it too :slight_smile: The drive I used was a Woot special 250 gig Western Digital that is 7200 rpm, 2 meg cache, iDE100 version. It even appears to be the same model as the 80, just a bigger size, probably why Woot has so many…
I set it to Cable select just as the old one was and off it went.

Well good. Lots of Western Digital hard drives around here.

I may indeed go with another hard drive unit since they seem to work. My happy period with my Liteon 5005 is fading as once again it is uniformly burning without error to verbatim rewriteables BUT ONLY ONCE. After the one good first burn, then errors occur on a random and changing basis. Oh well. Trick is to not care (that much) about such trifles??? ((Good practice for the hereafter!)) /// bobbo.

I bought one yesterday to replace my old VCR.
I like the machine, but the manual does not
have a compatible media list.
I tried a 8x DVD+RW (Ritek 008 I think)
disc and it would not work.
Tried a 4x Samsung (Optodisc OP4) which works fine.
I sent a note to Polaroid asking if there’s a media list,
and whether there will be FW updates in the future.

Good Info there Chuck. Of interest to me would be finding the rewriteables that work. Please let us know if you come across any? /// bobbo.

I hope others will do the same, as well as
which DVD+R & DVD-R work.
I haven’t tried any write once discs yet but
when I do it will probably be Ricohjpn R01
4x DVD+R.

So far TY, Ritek, sony, MCC all seem to worl pretty well on mine though all seem to do about 2.4 speed. I haven’t tried any rw media yet.

Thanks, but could you be a little more specific
as to MID - MCC003, TY G02 etc?

Well, here is the reply from Polaroid, such as it is.
I’m going to call the number & ask the question.


Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding your Polaroid product. Please visit our website at www.polariod.com or contact us at one of the following numbers:

In the United States 866-289-5168

In Canada 866-301-7922

In Mexico 01-800-400-2443

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you.

PCB Customer Service.

On 06/19/2006 you asked:

Where can I get a list of compatible blank DVD media for this recorder?
The manual does not have anything about this important subject.
Also, will there be firmware upgrades in the future?

I just called the number for the US and basically,
they don’t have a clue as to what an MID is,
let alone a list of MID’s that work with this machine.
So I guess we’re on our own, and will have to learn
through trial & error.
Any folks with info on specific discs that work are hereby
requested to post their info here. :slight_smile:
So far, I know that Samsung branded 4x DVD+RW
(Optodisc 0P4) work, and Memorex branded 8x DVD+RW
(Ritek 008) do not.

Excellent work there Chuck. In a sense its not “so bad” these folks don’t know the basics of their own business but AFTER they are on notice of this it is only “revealing” that a month from now the same phone call will get the same response and the website will never be updated.

Do you have any plans to remove the Polaroid Western Digital Harddrive from that unit and hook it up to your computer to transfer files quickly and reliably to your computer? That is what I do routinely with my Liteon and I plan on doing the same with the polaroid. In the Liteon with such transfers, the Liteon hard disk appears as a “Fat32” drive. I’m curious if the Polaroid will do the same thing?? Hope the unit works for you.

How do you do the RNR of the drive, leave the case open or at least not screwed down or what? That is a idea as I could then edit easier and rename properly.
Maybe modify some kind of docking tray or something, need to also try the old drive in a firewire box and see what happens.
I have done some transfers between my Old Panasonic and this machine, probably could go the other way to edit too. Panny only does minus R though as far as normal media goes.

No, I’ll just use a RW disc for that if need be.
BTW, as a first time DVR user, I really like the
Time Shift feature. I couldn’t count the times
over the years I’ve wished I could Pause or
backtrack a few seconds while watching a live
TV broadcast. Now I can, thanks to this machine. :bigsmile:

Verbatim 8x DVD+R (MCC 003) media works. :slight_smile:

Ricoh 4x DVD+R (Ricohjpn R01) works great. :slight_smile:
First disc burned had a Nero CD-DVD Speed
quality scan score of 94 with high total PIF
Second disc burned had QS of 97 and looks
as good as the burns from my BenQ’s. (!)
Makes me think the Polaroid’s drive has
an Eeprom chip and can learn different media.
Anybody know what the actual drive in this
machine is? If we knew that it might eventually
lead to firmware upgrades, etc.

Being a philips drive I’d say its probably a crippled BenQ 1620 or equivelent philips burner. Its in there as a bare loader and I got some numbers from it but nothing that tell me what drive it really is.
I have burned to FUJIFILM03, MXL RG03. and MCC004 and probably others I havent tested yet at about 2.4/22 minutes per 2 hour disk and the tests all look pretty good so far and they work.

Does this unit offer speed dubbing??