Polaroid BurnMax24EX



I just purchased a Polaroid BurnMax24EX USB external CDRW from officemax. They had a deal for $59.99 after MIR.

I just wanted to check with the knowledgeable folks here : is this a rebadged lite-on ? i want to overclock it to 32x if possible.

Does any one know if this drive can be overclocked. If so can you please send me pointers to firmware ???



if i cant find the answers at cdfreaks.com i dont know where else to turn to…

hey you gurus out there = please help out…

based on your recommendation i plan to return the drive back to the store…

thanks :slight_smile:


There is a list in the Lite-On forum about burners that are (or might be) Lite-Ons and can be OC-ed.

If yoru writer is not mentioned there, chances are it isn’t a Lite-On. That is all I can say about this…sorry