Polaroid BurnMAX 48-16-48

Somebody can help me?? Pelase.

How I can update my firmware.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

I have one myself and have yet to find any firmware updates. I used another firmware (482S) and flashed my drive and this firmware works fine but changed the drive to: CDWRITER 4812. I really don’t recommend updating your firmware until Top Glory Electronics updates. I can write at 48x using several burning progs. I can tell youthe Polaroid BurnMAX48 beats Safedisc 2.8.x& Securom 4.x :smiley: I was foolish for updating mine because I FORGOT to backup my original firmware (482E)


quetelameto, it would appear that your drive is a BTC OEM. Would you please backup your current firmware and send it to me? See the mtkflash guide in the Lite-ON forum for the instructions.

The Polaroid BurnMAX48 ISN’T a rebagged Litey. I already tried to use the LiteON LTR 52x firmwares and ALL were unsuccessful :smiley:
The firmware 482S is by BTC.


Thanks all for help me.
I have a security copy of my firmware, this is Polaroid BurnMAX 482E if any want this, mail to quetelameto@hotmail.com and I send a copy. :smiley:

I have this burner: Polaroid BurnMAX 48-16-48
I would like to know all about it:
Can I upgrade firmware? Where? How?
Can I use the cd 99 minutes? Can do overburning? Can do Mount Rainier Writing?

Thanks to all will reply me

no reply to me?