Polaroid 32" lcd hdtv with built in dvd player

My sister saw this T.V. on sale at WALMART, and wants
to buy it because it’s a 32" HDTV which has the built in
dvd player. My question is have any of you guys in the forum
bought this T.V.,and is the picture and sound any good for
the price.

I bought one a couple years ago. I gave like $599 when I bought it which at the time was pretty cheap for a budget set. It is ok, I can’t complain alot about it. The sound is terrible though. It sounds like clock radio speakers. With the prices they are now, I would spend another $100 or $200 and buy something like a Samsung or Sony.

Actually I just saw a base model Samsung for 499 at Circuit City. It would be a no brainer for me.:wink:

I’m far from an expert (in fact I have been asking some questions about them myself), but I gather Polaroid tv’s are not that great (I’m looking at budget tv’s too). The going price for a budget 32" is about 400$ on sale. I’m probably going to get this one for 360$
For 600$ you should be able to get some of the better/best 32" tvs.
For that price range, look at samsung’s and sonys like jigsw suggested. They seem to be what many recommend (sharp too but the aquos, not the standard models).

Never EVER buy all in one systems! Your dvd player stops working then the whole thing has to go to the shop and you’re without your TV till they get it fixed. Separates are always the way to go.

[QUOTE=fiji5555;2184031]Never EVER buy all in one systems! Your dvd player stops working then the whole thing has to go to the shop and you’re without your TV till they get it fixed. Separates are always the way to go.[/QUOTE]

Agree separates are the best way to go.

BTW, the Polaroid 32" LCD TV will sound better in DANCE mode for audio. We have one of these rebadged in Visco brand (without the DVD player), and the audio was lousy until I made that adjustment.

I’m with these guys. for $600 you can easily find a comparable size set that is superior to the polaroid and still have enough left over to buy a decent DVD player. Both of which will be of better build quality. I agree that the all-in-one setups just have more to go wrong and outside of saving a little space rarely offer any real advantages over seperates.

Tell your sister to RUN from this product, if you love her. I’ve had one of these TDA-03211C models for 14 months now. The DVD unit WILL fail within the first 6 months - guaranteed. Every replacement DVD player they send you for the TV will fail similarly within a few months of normal use. The DVD unit overheats and has to be insulated by user with exaust manifold gasket material to keep it from warping the internal loading and ejecting parts. Other very common problems with this model include control box burning out within first one to two years, and gasket material pulling away from inside glass and buldging into viewable screen area. Again, these are overheating issues.

Poloroid will send you replacement parts and service in the first year but all will fail prematurely just as original parts do. They will not refund money no matter how severe the problems. They will offer to send you a replacement TV in the first year in the most severe failure cases, but it will cost you nearly $200 to ship it back and they will replace it with a used refurbished one that some other poor sucker returned. It will also fail within one year and then any extended warranty you had on the original set is gone.

Stay far away from this model and brand. An unreputable company with inferior products is all they can guarantee. I hope this isn’t too late.

Thanks for the warning,but she bought a WESTINGHOUSE
instead. It’s good except for the noise that it makes if you
turn the sound real low from the hd satellite box. Other then
that the custom settings allow you to adjust the picture anyway
you want for the best quality. It also has a built in backlight.
Not to bad for an lcd HDTV.

I certainly have no regrets with my 37W3 Westinghouse. Had it for over 2 years now and it has been a great set for the amount that I spent.