Poker seems to be totally hot these days…in the Netherlands anyway.
I know very little about it and have no intention of making it my career, but I would like to play around a bit.

I would like to know if you have any good sites where you can play simple poker online. Just to be clear, I am not looking for paid sites, just simple online poker games with no stakes, just for fun and practice. I found one, but that one is too simple (players go all-in even before the flop).

Additionally, anyone have good suggestions on a nice poker accessory kit? I have no clue about the quality of chips and how many I need, but it is for simple home play, budget around EUR 50 - EUR 100 (so no fancy special editions etc.).

Any experiences you may have and would like to share, feel free… Tips in general are welcome too…

Don’t know any sites unfortunatly. I put “Free online poker” into google but it come back with millions of hits. PokerRoom looked the best but wityhout trying it you just don’t know.

I can post about a book for you though,
Poker For Dummies
Texus Holdum Poker For Dummies Kit

The bottom one is an edition that has a pack of cards with it with hints on the cards. So it helps you out as you play. It is actually great for beginners. Teaches you how to bet, what to bet on, etc…

What version of poker are you playing? Stud, Draw, Texas HoldUm…

The amount of poker chips you need depends on your players and how long you want to play for. Most likely you will need roughly 200+ chips for 4 players. Thats only 50 chips each remember.

Poker Chips and Case - Amazon, but it shows you what to look for.

The only tip I have is,
Don’t bet on a pair of two’s, unless you have to pairs of two’s.

I play Texas Hold’em on my Xbox 360

A few tips:

Being able to calculate odds on the fly. EX: You’re holding a 7 and 8 of spades with a flop of 9 of clubs, and a 6 and 2 of spades. You’re looking at 15 potential outs between your open ended straight draw and flush draw. You’ll be 60% to win the hand, so chasing either draw is a good play.

Slow play the nuts. Flop quads, don’t bet, let the action go around the table. Bet the turn if no one else does, but just enough to keep someone chasing their draw. And always bet the river, by then you either will force someone to fold and take it outright, or win the hand regardless.

Take breaks. Often…it’s easy to get burnt out sitting in front of the PC playing cards all day. Most online tourneys have breaks hourly. Playing single table non-tourney and you can sit out a few hands, you won’t be forced to post blinds.

Remember, any hand can win. Make sure you know what the best possible hand is on the flop, turn and river. If a straight or flush is possible and you only have a mid-pair, don’t consider it a good hand to hold onto. Trips (3 of a kind) would potentially draw out against a straight or flush by either the board pairing giving you a full house or maybe even quads (4 of a kind), but that is a judgement call based on the price you’d be paying to see the turn/river.

And also, poker is the only true form of gambling where skill actually comes into play as often as luck. Picking up the art of semi-bluffing (when you have a relatively strong drawing hand) is a valuable acquisition.

Good luck and enjoy. :iagree:

I know I’ve always like to Poker as often as I can! :smiley: