Pokemon yellow

i’am by the ship, but the ship only goes when i leave it, and i can’t go into the gym what do i do, please mail it to me

Can’t help you, but I have a question. I’m looking for the Yellow version Gameboy Rom for my little brother. But it has to be in English and no crappy japanese… Could you help me?

you can download it from: http://www.geocities.com/novice82/ or here http://www.angelfire.com/pokemon/romsromsroms/index.html http://pages.hotbot.com/games/dikachu78/Downloads.html http://members.atlantic.net/~bigman/roms.htm http://msnhomepages.talkcity.com/PrintersAlley/grant-two/ROMS.html
i dont know it it work because i download it somewhere else but i don’t even know where,
sorry for my bad english i’am dutch

Thanks poemel from me and my brother! By the way I’m also dutch so your language is forgiven