Pointless thread locked?

Just wondering why the pointless thread was locked… as it broke no rules, didnt offend anybody etc…

Hi haveacigar

Although I’m sure it wasn’t your wish when you created the “mentioned” thread that members would respond by just typing 11111 etc etc.

IMO the thread would have continued in this manner and add nothing to discussion on our forum, so I closed it.
Of course, the site management and admin may not see it as I do, and if this should be the case the thread can be re-opened and i will offer my apologies.

[edit] having read the first post in the thread again, It seems it was your wish for members just to add 11111. Sorry, but my opinion has not changed. There is already “the big number thread”

Ok im understanding what you are saying… but couldnt you have exactly the same argument with the big number thread?

I edited my post as you were typing your reply. (please see above).

I dont want to keep on about this… but there is also two versions of “the quest for the longest thread”

IMO, there comes a point when the LR forum is in danger of becoming “silly” and offering little or no value to the members.
But as i said above, let’s wait and see what the admin and management have to say. :wink: The thread can be re-opened just as quickly as it was closed if that is what is decided.

I don’t find Binary particularly interesting.
But hey, lets give a try! Let’s put lots of 1’s on a screen! Woot!


Bah. I’m bored already.
I’m going for lunch :stuck_out_tongue:

Begin Off-Topic Dude! We are soooo far behind on construction of that airport! /end Off-topic

I agree 100% Dee! :iagree:

I support your decision Dee-27.

Me too. I was in two minds whether to close it myself. :slight_smile:

The first reaction is usually the correct one :slight_smile:

woah… i had no idea people would have such strong opinions about this. I didnt think that the thread would be particually popular, but would have imagined that if this happened you would have just let it die. Maby you should add to the forum rules that “only threads that have meaningful context should be posted, as any other will be locked”, but then again, isnt this the point of the living room?. I can see why it has been closed but i am annoyed that is was closed because of someones opinion of it. That goes against the point of rules, especially when there are other threads that could also be closed for the same reason.

point of the living room:

Here you can chat with other CD Freaks visitors about anything you like, news, love, sports, philosophy, football, meat pies, kangaroos and holden cars etc etc…
it doesn’t mention pointless garbage there does it? im sure the owners of cdfreaks want their database filled up with a pile of meaningless 1’s don’t you

Do we want to become a community in which the atmosphere is going to be “Everything that is not explicitly forbidden is allowed”?

If it was up to me, there would be no rules at all here. However, that would lead to total chaos, not to mention trouble with the laws (been there, done that, not going to happen again).

We want to make this a pleasant place for as many people as possible. People should be free to discuss various subjects and share different opinions. A bit of fun and games is always supported and encouraged on this forum. However, creating threads just for creating threads and posting replies just to post a reply (and add 1 to the post counter), is that what you want this place to become?

I may be taking a leap of faith here, but I still think we all have some common sense, we all are mature enough to think what is reasonable and fair. We must all understand that there are written rules that will be enforced at all times, but that there are also some unwritten rules, mostly based on common sense.

I don’t plan adding anything to the rules about meaningless posts not being allowed, a fair share of meaningless posts have their meaning and purpose, but it is at the discretion of the moderators of the LR (i.e. Dee-27 & Arachne) to determine what is a ‘fair share’. If you don’t agree with their judgement, you can take it up with them and try to convince them with arguments why you feel that the fair share should be more than what they have determined. But in the end, it is their decision and this is not a democracy. To put it very bluntly: if you don’t like it, tough luck! :wink:

Moderators must maintain unbiased opinions, so if they choose drastic action like closing a thread, it’s a damn good reason.

It was closed due to a moderators opinion of it, and then another moderators & an Admin’s opinion of it. That’s a threefa!

The Moderators & Admin have spoken. The Decision is final.

I’d personally whack the pointless thread in cement shoes & push it off a bridge.

ok… im bored of this now… i believe that the moderators are here for a reason and if they decide that the thread should be locked, i will trust their decision. Sorry for kicking up a fuss.

I always think it’s a good idea for members to express their opinion if they think a thread has been closed unfairly. So you have my respect for doing so.

Slayer: The 1’s and 0’s are not meaningless. Their just another more basic form of communaction. The text a computer uses every second. As I type this those 1’s and 0’s are what is being used to generate this form of higher level communaction into something you can read right away. You could have grow up reading and writing binary then text would be as foreign to you as geno speaking italian to me would be. But converting them is a pain. A computer can do it well because it’s fast. :slight_smile: In any case no problem.

ps: I was thinking about the binary thread

1’s & 0’s as ascii characters are meaningless, unless they are describing a quantity.
By my admittedly quick & dirty calculations, an entire thread of 1’s & 0’s takes up 8x what it should, excluding post overhead :wink:

haha no man he just wanted 1’s had nothing to do with binary see what i mean. all hail the mods for closing it so quick :bow:

ps i know exactly what binary is