Pointers on making software reviews

Hey all

im wondering if any of u can give me some pointers on making a software review. I know usally there is a format for most reviews for example a little summary of the program then the notes on installtion of the program etc.
I would like to know how it goes. And lastly wut do u put into a software review i dont want the review sound like a turtoral. like for example in installation i dont want to tell people every little detail that happenes like the licence agreement or where the progream installs to. some pointers would be nice with the format like for example

I Summary
wut the program does

II installation


For software reviews I would use:

  • Introduction: brief overview of the software and the company behind it. Maybe mention the review hardware you’re using.
  • Installation: how does the software install and how are the manuals.
  • Performance: does the software do as it promises and is it easy to use. Add some screenshots of course for the ‘look and feel’.
  • Conclusion: based on price/quality, would you recommend this software and why or why not?

Good luck :wink:

thx for the pointers its really helping me a lot :bow: