Pointers and interfaces

Hi all again,
I finally imported the COM library to my Borland c++ Builder 6.

The problem that I have now is this, when I create some objects that I need
to write the example of the NeroCOM guide (p.17) as NeroFolder, NeroISOTrack and so on,
I haven´t problems but when trying to make some things like:

  • setRootFolder
  • BurnISOAudioCD

  • I get a compiler error that says:
    -“Wanted INeroISOTrack , got TNeroISOTrack

How can I “cast” my TNeroISOTrack component to an Interface???

Any ideas?


PD: Hope to success in this thread…

Try the DefaultInterface property…
(at least in Delphi there exists such an property and since Borland C++ isn’t that far

kind regards