Point Me To Recode Info Please



I’ve tried using search. I’ve tried skimming this forum. I’ve read the original Recode review from 3 years ago.

I used Recode for the first time about a month ago to re-encode an adult DVD. I have several ripped to my hdd and want to save disc space w/o loosing quality (so DVD Shrink is out).

I don’t know the exact version number (I’m at work), but it’s from Nero 6, not 7.

I made several attempts, the last one resulting in a 50% reduction, movie only (from 7.5 gigs to 3.7gigs). The quality was only fair, and it took about 20 hours to recode! I did NOT use the highest quality pre-set due to the slow encoding time.

I used a Dual core OC’d to 3Ghz, 2 gigs ram, Windows MCE 2005.

I’m willing to settle for 70-75% of original size for higher quality, but what can I do to speed up encoding (if anything)? I’d LOVE to use the highest quality preset, but I’m not willing to wait a week for the results!

Does the latest version of Recode, in Nero 7, work any faster? Am I missing something? Is there somewhere where people talk about settings and tips for Recode besides here???



Really sounds like you’re DMA is disabled. It should not be taking long at all with those system specs…

Here’s a guide if you need…


DVD Shrink shouldn’t give any lower quality than Recode , especially when used with the deep analysis and quality enhancements enabled.

In terms of the time it takes you need to check the DMA status & also ensure that your HDD is defragged.


As Tim states, DVD Shrink is what evolved into Nero Recode, so the quality of the output should be basically the same…IMHO these two are the best transcoders available.

There is also DVD Rebuilder which uses true encoders like CCE, HC Encoder v0.19, QuEnc …and is the best in terms of retaining virtually all the video quality of high compression projects.
It takes about 3-4 hours to encode an 1 1/2- 2 hour movie files.


That’ll be a good option where significant compression is required. The HC Encoder has just had an update & is now V0.20 and is supposed to be pretty good.