Poineer DVR-107D,rip speed?

I have just brought my first Pioneer 107D,updated firmware to 1.20,but why can i only rip a dvd at 1.5x,i have heard its something to do with riplock(i think),can anybody tell me what to do to increase the rip speed. Thanx. :bow:

the 107d can rip at least at 5-6x with stock firmware.

Where would i get the stock firmware for this model.

stock firmware is the original firmware.
i have a 107d with 1.20 fw and i can rip max x 7(±)
if you are ripping a original dvd should be a bit slower , but never at 1.5x.
what is the program that you are using for ripping ?
ry dvd decrypter and see what speed you get.
are you ripping a bad disc ? ( like princo )
you can always use nil’s hacked firmware to remove the riplock.
(i dont use hacked fw, so i cant help you with that).