Since coming to Cdfreaks I don’t think I have seen any posts
about “Poikosoft” Easy CD-DA Extractor. I was wondering if anyone here was used this software and results. I have been using this for a while and with the latest version I have had excellent results. It has a an extractor, writer, file convert and Lame configurator for Mp3 users. I just reformatted and do not have my domain stuff installed yet so I have no where to post my images , but I just made a copy of an audio cd and ran Kprobe and had absolutely no c2 errors. Anyone else use this software?

I think most people use and are happy with EAC.


I use and am happy with Feurio! Nero, CloneCD,etc…, just wanted feedback on this software.

i used it to convert wma files to wav

but it has secure ripping now…like eac…

Don’t use it, I always use EAC and Feurio.