The 'Plex" stated, *failed" firmware upgrade from v1.08 to 1.09
and now it shows the 1.09… Would not r/w the cd’s but would
play a movie but, no longer. Cannot fathom what is going on as
any attempt to load can-- end in bsod. Don’t know if this relates
to acpi, smbus, apci…Did learn from your faq’s that this drive
must be set to master and not to cable select; learned at
least something here - so far :iagree: My apologies for the caps below;
It is my attempt to provide some accuracy, not loudness.

" " " " \imapi.sys
" " " " \redbook.sys
" " " "\storprop.dll
Driver Instance id:

There are *two" each listed primary & secondary channels…
(listed under ide ata/atapi controllers context menu)
which seems kinda weird as I was not aware that a 64x2 amd
would create this. after this post, I will perhaps-- de-install the
‘clones’ as they are not ‘perfect’ clones, and see what happens.
btw; did install new cables.
Rig: asus m2v-mx se, (via k8m890, via vt8237s, amd 64x2 5200+,
dma 5 on hdd’s, dma 2 on dvd/cd-rom drives…

My apologies peeples, been up now 24 hours and am, over 70,
so I must stop and crash for some zzz’s…It is now 11:00am and
will return to forum shortly after six. Thank you :eek: