POF-errors on dvds burned by Liteon sohw 812?


I want to save all my data on dvd-r media… because my HDD will not work properly any longer.

So I want to save it on different dvd media with my liteon 812s (i love this drive!)… But in one german computer magazine, I read that many dvd media (some from verbatim, tdk, and many other) have always one or more POF - errors on the burned media.

What does it mean, when I have one or more POF errors on a dvd media? Can I copy the data as well as without pof errors? Or will come a error message when I try to copy these data with pof errors?

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POF (Parity Outer Fail)

With to many POF Failures its possible that the Media gets unreadable.

And when there are only one or 2 POFs on a media?

POF Should be 0 since they indicate uncorrectable errors.

You sure you mean POF and not PIF ?

“PIF (Parity Inner Fail): No larger areas on the disc should exceed 4 PO-1 (actually PI uncorrectable) errors.”

i really wouldnt worry about this unless you use cheap media. just stick with ricoh, cmc, or ty and the burns should come out fine. you could use kprobe to scan afterwards or if you wanted to be 100% sure, you could download dvd decrypter and copy the files back onto the hard drive to make sure that they are read fine.

by the way, i found that lite on drives have an especially high error rate towards the end of the disc so you could try writing only about 75-80% of the dvdr instead of the whole thing.

Depends on your media and burning speed (more likely to happen with 8x). I’ve only had that end-error-spike happen to me a few times (and some of those times, it was the result of an OPC downshift in the drive).

Even single POF makes it unreadable! You could possibly neglect it in case of DVD Video (if the player would not have stuck on it) but in case of data backup…the file would be unreadable!!!

so far every media has Po failures not many but they are excistent does it mean that the files on the position of the po error are not readable and not usable anymore ?

I think, Clany, you mix 2 things together.
PO errors (or PIF; PI-fail if you want) are still correctable (PO errors are the red ones in the lower graph in K-Probe).
But POF (PO-fail) are those that can’t be corrected even by outer parity mechanism and therefore are uncorrectable!

hehe its a little bit confusing with the pif/pof/paf things XD

Thanks for that answers…

Slowly I’m understanding what a POF error is…

But do you know any programs to detect POF error on burned media?

i’d like to know too if there is any program who can detect pof errors O.o

POF errors come from too many PO errors out of specs (>4 sum=1) in a row.
So if you see some scan with a “long and high mountain”:wink: of PO errors then there could be POF errors.
You can also check with CD/DVD speed - do a surface test - the red unreadable dots are blocks with uncorrectable (POF) errors.

You can also check with CD/DVD speed - do a surface test - the red unreadable dots are blocks with uncorrectable (POF) errors.

Nope, Scandisc does not report POF, it’s reporting something entirely different. But it’s still a good way to check a disc. POF is a technical term that is unrelated to scandisc. In either case, it’s an unreadable block though. But in a technical sense, the only thing they have in common is the “failure” part.

Yeah, but POF errors will come out in red (unreadable) in ScanDisc - and that’s the purpose - who cares about PI/PO/POF count … the thing he wants to know is if the disc is readable or not.

Say Pof was not a singer ?
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You can have POF showing on an error scan and have the same disc still pass Scandisc. POF is not the same thing as “unreadable”, although the 2 things may often intersect. Read speed is locked in a proper error scan, where it is not in Scandisc. This is the reason why results might vary. It’s also possible for a disc with no POF on a scan to fail in Scandisc.

So now I’m really confused. :confused: POF means PARITY OUTER FAIL error so the point where this occurs must be unreadable - what else could correct it?

In error scans, read speed is locked, so a block may show POF because the drive could not slow enough or re-read to correct.
In Scandisc, the drive can slow and re-read to correct errors.

Conversly, a block may have very high PO that is still correctable in theory, but in Scandisc you might see a failure because the frequency or magnatude of PO is more than the drive can correct. hope that clears it up.