Poe/pif, what's your opinion on this?


i recently began to scan my discs w/kprobe v1.1.29 and nero cd/dvdspeed (disk quality). since i’ve never done that in the past (i only scanned for read errors w/dvdinfopro and never had any) i was quite a bit surprised when i saw the results on some of my old dvd’s.

i’ve had results like:

General Information
Firmware: HS0Q
Disc: DVD-R (TYG01)
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 616
Average: 239.64
Total: 3897142
PI failures
Maximum: 46
Average: 0.37
Total: 4278
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning statistics
Number of samples: 123761
Average scanning interval: 1.15 ECC
Glitches removed: 5


General Information
Firmware: HS0R
Disc: DVD-R (MCC 01RG20 )
Selected speed: 4 X
PI errors
Maximum: 1640
Average: 541.51
Total: 8574560
PI failures
Maximum: 208
Average: 30.99
Total: 1978513
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning statistics
Number of samples: 118463
Average scanning interval: 1.14 ECC
Glitches removed: 503



(obviously those where the worst ones and i trashed them immediately)

some of the scans of my older dvd’s have been less bad, but still they have poe > 240 peaks and pif > 4 peaks, which are against the dvd-r/+r standart specifications (is it still called orange book btw. or is this only for cd-r’s?).
nevertheless my standalone played them. so now i’m confused, what are the acceptable amounts of errors and failures u would recommend, in order to keep the disk ‘alive’ some time? i’ve already payed a visit to your media test forum and to be honest some of the scans look really terrible comparing to the dvd standarts…

i dont want to keep a disk which is according to the scans some kind of garbadge…

thx in advance


I don’t know about yours of course, but my 811 was a horrible reader. I would burn in the 811 and read in my 851, that being the case.

In other words, your burns could be fine, but your 811 may be reading them poorly. This is not uncommon.

Btw. You can attach your scans here by clicking on “Go advanced”. :wink:

yea, i’ve noticed on some cd-r scans a weird behaviour from my burner. some times i’ve got scans with peaks that are highly over normal, but when i reboot the scans are just fine.

never had that with a dvdr though. and on top of that my other drive dont like any tests whatever’s the tool, its an nec-dv5800a.

but back to topic, pie/pif… what would u say?

Welcome limbo

You know how to use KProbe. Good. :slight_smile:
You can save your scan with the small save symbol (diskette) att top of KProbe window. Latest versions will be saved with .png extention.

If you wanna post your scan attached to your reply; go down to section “Additional Options” in the window you are when writing your reply. :wink:
(Note, if you wana attach more then one pic, just click “Browse” and “Upload” again.)

I will attach some pics for you.

Happy burning. :cool:

k… thx just want to save you some bw :wink:

pie/pif? anyone?

Thaks for your concern about our bandwith. :wink:

Okay. The board “standard” for KProbe version 1.x.x at 4x speed 8ECC sum is PI/PO´s = 280/32.
For KProbe version 2.xx, at 4x speed and 8/1 ECC sum, the “standard” PI/PIF´s are 280/4 (280/32 with 8/8 ECC).

There are numerous of post showing LDW-811s KProbe scans with PI/PO´s ranging 900+/200+. But still, these posters claim good readability and playback. :slight_smile:

So my advice is; if you can read back burned data and if the burned DVD is playing well on your stanalone and/or PS2/xbox, than be happy and don´t worry about skyhigh levels in KProbe.

But, longitivity and quality is also important. Use good quality media on your Litey. I can see from your post that you are using TY. Good.