Podcasts. What are your favorites?

Anyone listen to podcasts here?

You know, those mp3 files in an rss feed. You start up iTunes and fill your ipod with them or use your computer.

In my case i use the chronometro functionality of my PSP to synchronize to 15 podcasts every day at 6 am. When there’s a bored moment i can listen to some podcasts for the day.

Some of my favorite “shows” are

mixtapeshow.net (www.mixtapeshow.net)
extralife radio (www.myextralife.com)
1up gameshow (www.1up.com)
istillplaygames.com (duh)
infendo radio (www.infendo.com)
the instance.net (http://myextralife.com/wow/)
major nelson (www.majornelson.com)
the psp show (http://psp.thepodcastnetwork.com/)

Do you have favorite podcasts, show them to us!

Never listened to a single one.

Probably should do at some stage, just always had a slow connection so I never really could properly. Bad enough on internet radio.

has any1 heard of happy tree friends