I’ve heard tales of it all over the internet, but have yet to try this stuff. So I searched and saw a 2 pack of Chocolate Pocky for 3 bucks, is this stuff worth it?


never heard of it:confused:


You can get these from Asian stores or supermarkets, mainly Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

These are stick crackers half covered by icing of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry flavor. Some people are hooked on them. I buy 'em once in a while.


sounds good


They’re pretty bitter. I don’t like the chocolate ones, but the strawberry is decent in small quantities. Beware that you’ll be labeled an anime fanboy if you’re spotted with them.



why is that??


I’ll take the ups box and run into my basement, shut the windows and kill the lights and enjoy my pocky… no one will know!


I personally favor the strawberry ones…chocolate is good, too (have yet to test the vanilla)!


They are good, its just weird eating something green off a stick…