Poblem in Writing with Clone DVD HELP!

I have been using the Trial Version Clone DVD with Any DVD and have been doing good Backups until now.

I do not do backups on a regular basis and so I was looking for a program that was user friendly and Clone DVD fit that bill.
I was using DVD Shrink before, however it required me to check my notes each time of use as I am a Noob to Burning.

I have an external BenQ Burner, updated firmware , model 162I , 16X dual layer. I bought it 3 months ago and have been very pleased with the quality of my backups. I use the recommended media by BenQ’s support line and have had no problems until now.

I have 3 days left on my Trial and all of a sudden I run into this repeated error message when I have tried to write from 6 different DVD sourc discs.

i use the first Option, “Copy Titles” and have gone through the Tutorial for both Any DVD and Clone DVD 3 times and even printed it out so that I don’t make a mistake. Checked my settings and try again.
I check the preview screen and see the “Bruce Springsteen 1978 -2000 Anthology” in playback and then I continue on through the steps in Clone DVD and make my selections per the tutorial.
Then when I get to the actual “write” in the last window I click on “Go” and with my last 6 different source DVD’s, I get the message:

File OC:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\Clone DVD\eraser\PAL\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.IFO 2 TCE

“The System cannot find the files specified.”

And yet they are under the HDD listed as in my BenQ Burner.

I have no idea what is going on as the source playsback in the preview screen, however I can’t get it to recognize it when I go to “write”??? as far as I know I have not enabled/disabled anything.

I have only 3 days left in the Trial and now I am having problems with the program.

I have 1 Click DVD Copy and used that along with Any DVD for 2 Source discs that I tried to backup with Clone DVD and the backups turned out fine.
They were of good quality and there were no problems in the burning process.

I was previously using DVD Shrink, however since I do not do a lot of backups on a regular basis I had to keep referring to my notes and so I decided to look at purchasing of Clone DVD since I already have Slysoft’s Any DVD and it is a quality proggy.
Being a Noob to burning is aggravating as I don’t know where to look to solve the problem.

I really hope that someone will know what I have done to make these DVD’s incapable of being backed up.
This just started to be a problem, prior to this I have done about 20 backups with Clone DVD.

I used my 1 Click Copy DVD on those 2 source discs just so I knew I did not have burner problems.

:bow: I really would appreciate replies as I only have 3 more days to assess the proggy and right now it will not work for me. :sad:



Are you using CloneDVD 2 ?
C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\Clone DVD\eraser\PAL\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.IFO 2 TCE
cause then it should read Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\CloneDVD2\eraser…

Does this order still exist on your HD?

Please try to re-install CloneDVD

uninstall it using the uninstall programm, click keep registry settings when asked,

After you do a fresh install use Windows Explorer and navigate to:
C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\Clone DVD\eraser\PAL\VIDEO_TS

My folders contents look like this

Thankyou for suggesting the uninstall. I did the uninstall and a Reg Supreme clean and then a reinstall and now everything is back to normal.

When I did the reinstall though, I did not see an opportunity to insure that the registry entries remained the same as was suggested by the earlier poster.

Since I just burned 2 dvd backups from 2 different dvd’s and was successful after the reinstall, I just had the opportunity to get back to reply.

Now i see the suggestion to look into my program files and i appreciate the snapshot :bow:

i will do this later and reply.

What I did want to know is if this type of problem occurs with Clone DVD as I don’t want to purchase a program that I have to uninstall and reinstall.

I would appreciate comments, thankyou

The uninstall was not neccessary, a reinstall would be suffice. Unless you manually delete the “eraser” directoy, or change your setup dramatically (reinstall Windows?) you shouldn’t see this problem again.

Since I am a Noob to all of this, does that mean that I could have reinstalled over top of Clone DVD?

Also it was suggested that I look into my:

c:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\Clone DVD\eraser\PAL\VIDEO_TS

i am still learning to navigate around Windows xp, having gone from the year 2000 using DOS and my computer crashing and just buying this notebook in 2003 with Windows xp OS and I don’t know how to find this file as listed above.
I tried to do a Search and that comes up with Error “can’t access to a location that is unavailable” and it goes on about being connected to the internet, which I already was.

How do I get to this file, do I use the “Run” and cmd and type in the above???

Sorry to be a Noob and bother with a mundane question of this sort, however I really would like to see what is in that file :bow: The suggestion to look into the file was by the earlier poster “itzbinnice” and I appreciated the screen shot as well.

BTW, the version of Clone DVD that I have installed is 2.8.51

And i should say that there was a popup that said there was a new version, does any member know about this?

Looking forward to comments, thankyou

You are using the trial version that is why you did not see save registry setting option, this is where your registration key is stored when you buy the program, you don’t have one.

Yes you could have installed over the existing CloneDVD.

CloneDVD V is latest version, to stop the automatic update click on preference at top right, uncheck the box automatically check for new CloneDVD version.
Don’t know why it’s giving you that incorrect message since you have the latest. Maybe cause it’s the trail version?

Since you did 2 successful burns the program is working properly and the files are there. If you absolutely must see them, open up Windows Explorer by going to
start-programs-accessories-windows explorer

Once in Explorer click on your C:\drive, then Progarm Files, then Elborate Bytes, then Clonedvd2, then Eraser, then Pal, then Video_TS. The files I attached in previous post should be there.

A word of caution though, if you are inexperienced with Explorer you can screw up your system if you accidentally delete something. I don’t suggest you go in there if everything is working properly. You should have a basic knowledge of files before messing with Explorer.

If you see this popup, you probably don’t have the newest version. Start CloneDVD, click the “Info” button. There you can check the version.

I posted a couple of weeks back when i was using the Trial version of Clone DVD and started getting the message:

C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\Clone DVD\Eraser\PAL\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.1FO unable to open file

The System can’t find file.
Please be sure all files available and try again.

I checked on my HDD under My Computer and the DVD and audio vts and video vts are listed there and I click on the burner drive and then get started with Clone DVD and come out after going through the steps and come out again with this message.
I did a reinstall last time and it has worked for awhile and now this error is showing up again and I do have the latest version of Clone DVD installed. Why is this intermittently occurring.

I look forward to some replies, I am getting frustrated with this program doing this.
Thankyou ( i should say when I am going through the steps I have had preview on and it is playing the movie so why is it saying it can’t find file???) :confused:
And if i have to reinstall again what could be causing this as i have made no changes to the computer and there are no viruses etc.

This time in order to do a back-up I had to use my 1 Click DVD Copy program and it did a fine job.
I thought that this problem before was because it was on Trial and now after I have bought it I find the program unreliable.
I should add that I did try to look for the folders for Clone DVD via Windows Explorer and the method listed in a prior post and could only get this far and thus I was unsuccessful:
I went to start>programs>accessories and there was NO windows explorer and so I was unsuccessful in checking for the folders that were in Clone DVD.

I really want to get Clone DVD working properly and reliably and I still am using Any DVD with the program as well, I would be very appreciative for replies to this recurring problem. :bow:

Just reinstall CloneDVD2, this will repair the missing files.
Download the newest version at http://www.slysoft.com

After you reinstalled it the first time it worked, so it’s not the fault of CloneDVD, it is something else conflicting with the program. Keep in mind there will always be people having problems with not just Clonedvd, but all types of software. With the hundreds of thousands different configuartions of PC’s some things just won’t work for some people, yet they work for the majority of others.

Since you couldn’t find the Windows Explorer shorcut, to check if the file was present, this is an easy way to get to it. Go to Start-Run then just type in “explorer” (no quotation marks). Then click on my computer, then C:, then Progarm Files.
In the Elaborate Bytes folder navigate to \Clone DVD\Eraser\PAL\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.1FO

Uninstall CloneDVD, then reinstall it once again. Make sure you have any antivirus progarms disabled. After the fresh install check through explorer to make sure the file is there. If it is make a copy of it and save it on a floppy or in a folder somewhere.
If the problem pops up again just copy the file back to the location and you won’t have to go throught the reinstall process again to find the source of the problem.

Then try to burn with CloneDVD, if this works, enable your Anti Virus software again and see if that cause another error message. It may not be your AV software at all, it could be another program that is doing it. If you have any packet writing software installed such as Nero INCD or Roxio DirectCD, uninstall it, they cause more problems then they are worth.

You said you didn’t install any new software and now the program doesn’t work again.
Apparently it is something already on your machine that is causing it.
Can you provide a list of software that is related to CD and DVD burning as well as your AV software. I know you said in your PM that the unit was checked for spyware and viruses and is clean.

Another thing you can try that may help is to disable all startup programs to avoid conflicts. Many will disagree with my practice of doing this saying they never had a problem with items in startup running. It takes a bit more time but I feel it serves a two fold purpose. One being it can avoid many potential conflict problems, the second, it frees up memory so CloneDVD has more to work with.

To disable your startup do the following:
Go to Start-Run and type in “msconfig”(no quotes), hit ok
Click on the startup tab
Write down all the programs that are checked and save the paper.
Then click disable all, then reboot
Do a burn and if successful you can begin enabling the boxes you unchecked one at a time and test again until you can possibly locate the program. Programs such as MS Office will not cause this so you don’t need to disable.

It could be many things and may not even be related to startup items, but you need to begin somewhere and attempt to isolate the cause.
If you disable the startup item before each burn and never have this problem again, it’s obvious then it’s one of those programs in there.

Another thing worth mentioning is perhaps it is a something you don’t use frequently and CloneDVD stayed working, then you used a program that triggered the missing file syndrome. My guess it’s either AV, or Spyware prevention related, but I could be wrong.

@ Cleary,

The CloneDVD software program has a proven track record of being a stable, reliable software program. From all the problems you are experiencing it is obvious that there is some type of software conflict going on in your computer.

It has been reported in the past by Forum Members that 1Click DVD Copy caused conflict errors. What other type of copying software do you have installed on your computer?

The following are examples of packet writing software programs –Drag-To-Disc, Direct CD, InCD, DLA (Drive Letter Access), CE Quadrat Just!Burn, File CD, Sony abCD, InstantWrite, Backup4all, B’s CliP, NeoClip. Packet writing software applications are very problematic, cause numerous conflict errors, and frankly don’t work as advertised. Olli, the author of CloneDVD and CloneCD, though out the CloneDVD/AnyDVD/CLoneCD Forums have requested that Forum Members reporting problems similar to yours to remove any and all UDF packet writing software applications from their systems.

Have you check for any inadvertently installed spyware? Suggest obtaining a free copy of SpyBot-Search & Destroy (http://www.spybot.info).

Have you checked your Windows Registry for any errors. Suggest visiting Major Geeks (http://www.majorgeeks.com/downloads15.html) and obtaining a Windows Registry Cleaner.

Best Reguards,

Hi, thankyou for the replies.
I used the alternate method of accessing windows explorer as a start point to see if there is something that i have messed up here, being a Noob; anything is possible!!! :confused:

When I got to Clone DVD it listed the following:

eraser size (was BlanK)
language size (was Blank)
manual size (was Blank)
sounds size (was Blank)

CloneDVD2.exe 4,528 kb
CloneDVD2.ini 1kb
CloneDVD2uninst.exe 28 kb
CloneDVD2uninst.ini 19 kb
InstallHelp.dll 84 kb
Reg Check.exe 74 kb
Reg Clone DVD.exe 92kb
RegDrvis.exe 125kb
WriteDVD.dll 80kb

When I clicked on the folder " eraser " it showed folders “NTSC” and “PAL”

Size 6 kb
And when I click on open it opens to Intervideo Win DVD Player which I use as my player.

When I try to open the “PAL” folder it disappears and leaves me with
VTS_TS and I open that and I get VTS_IFO size 6 kb and open that and I also open Intervideo Win DVD Player.

The total Bytes BTW for Elaborate Bytes when I hover over it before I open it is 8.79 MB

As I mentioned, I listed all of the Clone DVD folders above and thought that the one I should open was the “eraser” one and thus that is what I describe above.
Seems to me that this folder contents does not sound right???

I did not know where to look for the folders itemized earlier:

VIDEO_TS.IFO 6 KB ( that seems to be the one I found under eraser???)

VTS_01_0.IFO 12 KB ( i didn’t know which of the above folders to look for that in and that also includes the following:
VTS_01_1.VOB 10 KB
VTS_02_0.IFO 12 KB
VTS_02_1.VOB 10 KB
And again these were the ones listed by the earlier poster.

I apologize for my Noobiness here, I simply want to get the program working consistently and I did do an Uninstall before and used my very reliable Reg Supreme before I did the reinstall.
Even when I do a reinstall i close off all my security apps, that are in the background on my task bar, Norton A/v, Spysweeper, Win Patrol and I should say I always Defrag with Perfect Disk 7 before I do any backups. And I also close off all programs before doing a burn.
I have only 1 Click DVD copy installed and Nero for burning with DVD Shrink when I use it and I DON’T have any packet programs installed, no INCD, that program is a pain and I did a “search” before this post so that I was certain it was not on the notebook. I never wanted it when i installed Nero.
I use adaware and spybot on a regular basis and as well trojan hunter. our inhouse tech as well as ourselves insure the programs are uptodate and scan regularly. No bugs and the computer has never crashed. I have a BenQ 162I external burner, 16X which i use the recommended media on and my firmware is uptodate. I check the BenQ support site regularly and am burning fine with my other 2 programs, 1 click DVD copy and DVD Shrink.
I only bought this program Clone DVD as it seemed user friendly and more efficient than Shrink, however these ongoing problems.
Which as i said could be me???

I am wondering if the program is properly installed???

I would appreciate any and all comments, I don’t want to have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling to get the program to work that is why i am wondering if a component of the program is not correctly installed or disappears for a reason.
I have no problems with any of my other programs.
I bought the program for ease of use, however am now finding it easier to use 1 click dvd copy or dvd shrink as far as reliability is concerned.

i have not gone to the stage of disabling programs at startup as was suggested as I thought that I would post these findings first in the event that the issue is identifiable with this information. :doh:

Again I look forward to comments.
Respectful regards,

Cleary :bow:


You failed to do what bjkg suggested.
“It has been reported in the past by Forum Members that 1Click DVD Copy caused conflict errors.”

You still have that present on your machine.

Uninstall the 1Click DVD Copy program and use your Reg Supreme to remove all traces.
Then give it a try.

If that doesn’t work follow the steps I outlined for disabling startup items. It’s not hard and can be done quickly. This is a very basic troubleshooting tool and you will nedd to follow advice if you are to solve your problem.

I am leaning towards 1 Click DVD Copy being the culprit.

Edited: On second thought uninstall both Clone DVD and 1 Click in the event Clonedvd is corrupted. Use Reg Supreme to removee all traces also just
in case the program is corrupted. Then do a fresh reinstall of Clonedvd and give it a try.

@ Cleary,

If I understand you correctly you are using WinPatroll, Norton Anti Virus, and SpySweeper software programs all at the same time.

In essence these program do exactly the same task and using multiple Anti Virus-SpyWare removers all at he same time are know to causes conflict errors. Knowledgeable software technicians are fully aware that these types of software programs are highly invasive and strongly advise against using multiple Anti Virus SpyWare removers at the same time.

These software programs use difference approaches to safe guard the operating system and will fight over exactly how to accomplish this task. This fighting will cause conflict errors and who knows what the resulting outcome will be. It is strongly suspected that this is the route cause of your particular problem that directories and files keep on disappearing from your system. Strongly suggest choosing only one program and not using multiple Security Applications.

If you do a Forum search you will find Forum postings reporting conflict errors when using multiple Security Applications. Also having all those above-mentioned Security Applications running slows the operation system down, uses an inordinate amount of system resources, and interferes with proper operation of Burning Software applications. It has being mentioned in numerous Forum postings to curtail the use of all Anti Virus-SpyWare software programs when Burning DVDs. The process of burning a DVD is a demanding task and it is highly recommended that all multi-tasking operations should be curtailed when Burning DVDs. If you are aware most Anti Virus-SpyWare removers are always running in the background.

Best Regards,

I was getting messages from my Norton anti virus when running AnyDVD. I now just turn Norton off while I’m making backups. It also used to interfere with DVD X Copy when I used that software. I still have a working copy of Platinum. I have no problems as long as Norton is off.

Then do yourself a favour and get rid of norton it only bloats your system
But i dont think norton can be blamed for this as many people including myself (in the past) have used it and clonedvd\anydvd without any issues…
btw i find the easest way to find clonedvd or any other program install directory is right click shortcut on desktop\properties\find target

I just wanted to respond to a couple of comments. I have belonged to Calendar of Updates Forum for a couple of years now and some of you may or may not know that www.dozleng.com is a Forum specializing in Security proggy’s and that was where i started when i originally began with this notebook.
I use a mild number of security proggy’s compared to what is recommended. Win Patrol watches changes to my Registry and Spysweeper sweeps the spyware out should i have any.
Their forum is excellent, the moderators very experienced and knowledgable people.
All the settings I have with my proggys are what I have gotten from tutorials and my notebook has no problems with any other proggy’s that I have been using until now.
I did uninstall 1 Click DVD Copy and did a Reg Supreme clean, again another proggy that we use at work and has given my colleagues and i fine results. After i did this there was still no change in me trying to do a backup.

I have to emphasize that I CLOSE out all proggy’s that are running and have always done that as it sounded in the post as if i was trying to do backups with security programs running. I am not.

I did not receive any comments on the items that were listed in my prior post regarding when i went through the process of Window Explorer.
Could someone please tell me if what i posted is what Clone DVD should look like ???
Should “eraser” folder when i click on NTSC open to "VIDEO_TS.FO, IFO size 6kb and open to Intervideo DVD player and as well when i click on the icon “PAL”, it disappears and VIDEO_TS appears and then VIDEOTS_.IFO, size 6kb and when i click on this it opens Intervideo Player.
Is this supposed to happen?
Sorry for the Noob question.
I just wondered if anything that i previously posted looked out of the norm??

I would appreciate comments, as i did try the uninstall of 1 Click DVD copy and did the Reg Supreme Clean and nothing changed.
This Clone DVD proggy is the only one that is causing an issue.
My next step will be to uninstall Clone DVD and reg clean and reinstall and see what happens.
I will leave the 1 Click DVD copy unistalled and see what happens.


@ Cleary,

Please explain exactly why you are opening the Elaborate Bytes/CloneDVD2/Eraser NTSC and/or PAL Folders. There is absolutely no reason to be doing this. These folder files are installed when the CloneDVD software program is installed and are used by the software program to process DVD data. Do not attempt to alter these files in any way. Tampering with these necessary files will cause malfunction of the CloneDVD software program.

Perchance have you ever viewed the AnyDVD-CloneDVD user guide tutorial (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?threadid=72022). This user guide tutorial provides set-by-step detail information on exactly how to use this software combination to make back copies of your DVD titles. If you follow the steps in this user guide tutorial you will not have any problems making your back of copies of your DVDs. I can assure that the AnyDVD-CloneDVD user guide tutorial does not suggest attempting to open the Elaborate Bytes/CloneDVD2/Eraser NTSC and/or PAL Folders. I have backed up 800 plus DVDs using the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination and have never had the need to attempt to open the Elaborate Bytes/CloneDVD2/Eraser NTSC and/or PAL Folders.

I find it hard to believe that a Forum that specializes in Security Programs would recommend the use of Norton Anti Virus. Norton Anti Virus is a bloated overly invasive software program. There are numerous Anti Virus program that due a better job with a lot less unnecessary “overhead” than Norton Anti Virus. KasperSky and NOD32 are far better Anti Virus programs than the bloated Norton Anti Virus. I also question the advise of the use of multiple Anti Virus programs. As stated in my previous posting running multiple Anti Virus programs are known to cause conflict errors, unnecessarily slows the operation system down, and uses an inordinate amount of system resources. If you use either one of the KasperSky or NOD32 Anti Virus programs that is all you will ever need.

Best Regards,

The issue of NAV. Believe what you want, the experienced Mods over at COU which i will include the link for use a variety of A/V proggys such as Kapersky, AVAST etc. and surprisingly yes, even NAV. The Mods comments are always use what suits your needs and works successfully for you. BTW there are not multiple A/V proggy’s in use on my notebook, the other programs deal with spyware, trojans, adware etc. potential issues.
I have only one A/V proggy.

And yes i know that NAV is a bloated proggy, but it has worked in our notebooks at work very well as a component of our Norton Systemworks Premier 2005 and ( the older versions of Norton Systemworks) which we used. We now have the 2005 version for when we do incremental Backups of our work notebooks and that is via Ghost. The only other proggy besides this and NAV that is enabled is One Button check which we use as well.
Our in house Techie and management require us to use the Systemworks and we have been functioning fine with no infected computers, no crashes and of course i mentioned the other security software that is recommended to use by the Calendar of Updates forum and they have not caused any problems, If you look at their site you will see Mods and members that use many security proggys at once and there is constant posts in the forums discussing compatabilities and for the ones i use there are no issues.
Web Site

Of course as mentioned earlier I close down all proggy’s before doing Backups, just so that is clear and I also do a defrag.

This COU forum is one that my colleagues and I visit daily before we even commence work so that we know if there are updates for our proggys.
This is one of the best organized security forums with experienced Mods that can address issues posted regarding security proggys. Since I am a professional and rely on my notebook for work purposes it is essential that I update my security and scan on a regular basis, something that our in house Techie keeps an eye on.

I was not tampering with PAL or NTSC, i was looking at the folders that are contained in Clone DVD as there was a sample in an earlier posters dialogue of what folders exist on his computer for Clone DVD. I wanted to clear up that matter. I am a Noob to DVD burning, however I am not one to start tampering with programs of any sort. I ask the experienced like yourselves in this forum and appreciate greatly the comments.

I finally uninstalled Clone DVD and when it asked if i wanted to save my Registration, i of course indicated yes. I did a Reg Supreme clean of my registry and did a Fresh reinstall.
The proggy is running fine now. I did 8 backups and no recurrence of the issue that i posted.

What I wanted to ask about in relation to any reinstall at a later date if necessary and lets just say I have a crash which I am fully aware can happen, however over the years has not occurred to any of my colleagues and of course myself included. But that dark day could come.

i am the only one doing dvd backups on my notebook and so I would like to know how to “Open” my license key if required at a subsequent date.

I saved both the Any DVD and Clone DVD license keys as recommended when you purchase the proggy’s, and so i decided to see yesterday what was involved in the process for the future and neither license keys would open and said that this was because it did not know what program was used to create them.

Does anyone know what program was used to create these license keys as they certainly won’t open for me now and this would be critical for any future problems. ( just in the event that there is a problem with my Ghost image). I would like to check out the “saved licence” keys.

I should also say, that I did a reinstall of 1 Click DVD copy after my 3 first backups to see what would happen and there were no issues in doing the other 5 backups with Clone DVD.
So i am wondering if some sort of corruption may have occurred. it does seem to me that i did an update of Clone DVD recently.

I don’t do backups regularly and thus don’t recall when I did the update of the Clone DVD , as with Any DVD it was done over top of the existing proggy; which I gathered from what I have read in this forum can be done.
Is this the recommended way to update or not??

I thankyou for your responses and look forward to comments on these other related queries. Clone DVD as i said did all 8 backups fine and so i believe that aspect is resolved, however i would really appreciate comments on the above queries that i have.

Again I thank the posters that replied and find this a forum with a wealth of experienced knowledge.
And yes, I should say that I did go through the Tutorials on Any DVD and Clone DVD, I always do that if there are any available tutorials on any new proggy’s that I install.
That is one of the major reasons that I belong also to Bleeping Computer Forums as they have quality tutorials on security proggy’s and also discuss compatability issues.

Cheers with thanks :bow: