PNY reveals world's largest microSD card: 512GB PNY Elite microSDXC

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PNY today announced its Elite 512GB microSD card, which is currently the highest capacity microSD card on the market. The card holds more than 100GB than the WD/Sandisk 400GB microSD card that was currently the highest capacity microSD card.

Here’s the kicker

How does one think buyers will go for a card at 349.99??? Not smart of PNY. Actually the real price of the 400gb with S&H comes out closer to $205 so the price listed is misleading. To pay that much to just get just 112gb for 349.99 is Very bad price purchase. I’ll stick with the 400gb instead maybe if the 512 was closer to the 400gb price that would be different but at 144.58$ to get only 112gb not worth the increase.