PNY 8GB Optima Pro Attache USB Flash Drive Enhanced for ReadyBoost - $19.99 @ Staples



PNY 8GB Optima Pro Attache USB Flash Drive Enhanced for ReadyBoost - $19.99 @ Staples

Once again, copied straight from In case you havent figured out yet, i check there all the time for deals. have gotten some real good ones lately.

Staples Website

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Good luck with it all. I am headed to Staples tomorrow for them to pricematch their webiste. Hope they will.



The drive is out of stock. Probably would have had to pay shipping anyway. The best bet is going to the store like you said.


just wanted to say this is back in stock. the shipping for me was like 10 bux. so i canceled. even tho at $30, still a decent deal to me. but gonna check the local Staples first to see if they have one there i can get on hand. good luck.


The local Staples store rang this up at $69.99, but matched the $19.99 price after I made them aware of the ad.

I took the last two on the shelf.


just got back from the local Staples. had to help the lady get to the webpage for the $19.99 price. from there on was easy sailing. in and out in less than ten minutes. would have bought two of them, but was only one on the shelf. and the guy looked in the back for me. said there was no more. only wanted one more for my son. will check back later on in the week. maybe get lucky. you can order these on line. but the shipping will kill you. unless you order $50 or more. then free shipping.


Just picked one up. Wish it had been ~2 months ago though, when I bought my first one of these @ BB for $40.


Anyone tried out the ready boost on a 64 bit system yet?


Its gone, I cant even find the ad to print out, I guess I snooze and I lose.:doh: