Pny 6800 gt

Id like to here some imput here on how you like or dis-like this card, and could you explain 2 dvi ports verses 1 as this card has only 1 and which card is the better card ati x-800 or invidia… Which 1 would you buy and y… This pny card looks good for the price…

2 dvi is for dual display. Very overated with current support. Depending on what you want to do i mean. ie games have very limited supported, but if you are into photography, is can be very nice. Also helps with multiple applications and works well with xp. ATI and Nvidia are very close now, so either will blow your mind.

nVidia all the way, but only because I’ve gotten so used to nVidia’s smooth driver. Never liked ATI’s products nor the pic quality. I especially hate their drivers. How hard is it for them to have a single package for both driver and control panel like nVidia’s?

Check out the latest benchmarks between nVidia and ATI’s flagship cards @

Nvidia for gaming. Better customer care, faster support to release patches for bugs in new games, less malicious driver. if you like to game, Nvidia all the way.

ATi for any video or DVD playback support. If you do any video design, ATI all the way.

I can’t say anything bad to bash or dis on any of these two companies, as both try hard to satisfy and have both released powerful competing cards over the last few years.