Png files corrupt, missing file header?

Maybe some geeks out there could help me with a problem I got after my last computer crash.

Most of my png files cant be opened (unknown file format/missing header or something like that).

Anyone have any programs that may recover those png files? a lot of them were K-Probe scans.

Well do they open on a 2nd system? Can you open other image formats?

What have you tried opening them with? Maybe can help.
Rebuilding corrupted images can be a tricky business, I have Googled and not come up with anything.

They do not work on other computers either, and yes other images and png images created after the crash works fine.

tried irfanview too, yep I’ve googled many times too - no joy.

all i got :frowning:

I have a similar problem. A CD I burned some time ago has several files with this problem(missing file header). I made a transfer rate test and a scandisc in Nero CD Speed, both of which came out perfect. The files are not only images, but also PDF documents. The strange thing is that they take up space, since I can copy them to a floppy disk and make it full, but they can’t be opened.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Well my friend seems to be having the same trouble , but with jpgs whether they are older ones or ones I’ve sent here recently. Any other ideas?

If they’re corrupted they are corrupted, there no way you can “repair” unless you send the drive to Ibas if its a hw failure. Keep backups next time…