PMA Update filure with LG DVD Writer


I have a LG DVD-writer gsa-4167B. it’s having trouble recording or reading dvd’s. whenever i try to write a dvd it gives me an PMA Update failure.

I gave it in for a repair about a week ago, but came back saying there was nothing wrong. Can someone please help me?

Thank You.

There is nothing wrong with the burner.

Are you using Nero? Then check their support/FAQ.

I think the problem is a WEAK or damaged PSU.


Thank you. this might sound silly, but what is the PSU? is it the powersupply unit? PSU of what?

yes i am using nero, but i used my brothers dvd writer(which is the same as mine) and it wrote the same dvd without difficulty.

Thank you for your quick reply.


Yes, Power Supply Unit.

It could be also a chipset driver issue.