PMA update failure on SOHW-1653S with Nero

I have a Lite-On SOHW-1653S DVD recorder i got a while back.
In the past few days, every time i try to burn a DVD5 data cd in Nero under Windows 2000 SP4, i get a “PMA update failure” error and the burn process fails.
I used TDK media and Samsung, same result.
Whats wrong? CD-R are burning fine. :frowning:
(Nero log attached.) should be updated to first.

thank you for your reply chef! I was able to successfully burn a DVD with the new version.
Now only if i could read it. :frowning:

Did you burn with verify, did it finish successfully??

finish successfully? yes.
burn with verify? no. when i’ll be able to read dvds i’ll check if they were burned alright.