Pma update failure on sh-s203n drive w/ nero 9



This is an intermittent problem with this samsung drive and/or software…
The problem seems intermittent because I’ve compressed the data I was backing up (video files) and the burn went fine… however I tried that with another batch of video files and the pma update failure returns… go figure…
the capacity sizes written were about in the 3800-4300mb range. I’ve read another thread that said something happens in this range that allows a pma update failure to occur.

I try re-installing nero, but that’s a PITA… as it needs to be cleaned/wiped properly to uninstall… nero loves leaving traces of itself behind… as the sofware gets bigger & bloated so does the removal process.

Specs: samsung sh-s203n, nec3500g
i5-750 cpu
4gb ddr3
wd 400gb (2005ish)
win 7 ultimate
750 psu
msi gd65 m/b
msi 5750 ati

I’ve gone for a while without the pma failure issue rearing it’s ulgy head and now it’s back again. I’m half-way into a verbatim dvd+r azo 100 pack… and I doubt verbatim is mixing in crappy discs just to throw me off because rarely if ever get a pma error from my nec drive. I seldom use it because there is a buffer fill problerm which causes the writing process to empty throughout the burn so it will fix those constantly throughout the writing process which shows up in scans (drive–nec 3500g is telling me it’s time to be replaced, no?)

Most recent m/b bios update was to fix reporting of hard drive size errors and to expand ram compatability. All system drivers seem to be the proper ones.

I’ll also get around to posting a log sooner or later… just ask…


I think I might have a solution to this issue… I’ve moved the sata port from the first port to the second port. The o/s redetected the drive and burns seem good now. I’m wondering if there is an issue with my m/b manufacturer where some sata ports get fouled up in i/o of sata burners…

  • There was no “!” on the drive and everything was working fine, it just didn’t allow writing of discs to be consistent (w/o pma failure). Once re-detected I’ve just written my 4th dvd+r… so apparently that has resolved the pma error (for now).

My question is: does someone have an explanation as to what is going on when the o/s has no “device” fault detcted in device manager and yet the drive allows the pma error to crop up? An un-informed person might suspect that it is the drive and not the m/b’s port and/or driver management (hardware) issue. If there is a faq somewhere concerning this… someone might want to put it up as possible causes/solutions to try if flustered by a PMA UPDATE or other disc failure error.


Ya know, I think my PC is trying to drive me nuts… the PMA failures were back again last night… I had to tear through about 15 entries of my Samsung Drive in the registry to get the drive to re-lookup drivers & stop the imfamous PMA error… in previous attemps it was ok just to move it to an adjacent SATA connection… not this time… now I had to slash & burn the TSST registry entries! ARGH!!!


It’s a bug in the firmware.

Only real solution is to avoid Samsung or use -R media.