PM to Zebra He exceeded his quota!

Sorry mods if this against the rules, but I need zebra to read this, and I can’t PM him. Zebra I hope you read this before it gets deleted or whatever…

i need a eeprom to,please helpe me …

One can download the whole PM’s stored on CDFreaks server with one click. My message box was also full a while ago so I downloaded all of them on my HDD and then deleted all existing incoming messages.

Are you the nicegirl I know? (Seemed so from looking at your past posts and active history here.)

sorry :frowning:


my 401s@811s give a lot of erros and i saw this post
and i decide ask for help,sorry for that

can you help me Kenshin?,please :bow:

Why are you saying you are a girl here when you are not?

I think you have to talk to your distributor of Lite-On drives. Other than that, I can’t help you.

nicegirl, please do not request EEPROM data on this forum.

you boys are all the same!! IM A GIRL !!!,I have to say that thing 1 milllion of times ?

Well, you said yes to my question so I assumed you are male, but that’s not an issue here since web forums and DVD writers have no gender. It’s not nice to request something that is against the rules repeatedly. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can wait a little.

sorry for request the eepr… :slight_smile:

If you want to talk to Zebra try the forums over at