PM spammer?

I got this PM, i really have NFI who to tell about this, but i’m sure a mod here would like to ban the spammer. I’m assuming many people recieved this pm. i removed the links which i’m assuming were to some other forum (

Sorry if this is not a good place to be posting this…

username: CraigNicholls

Hey, can you check out my board? It’s really cool.

[link removed]

And this one. They’re both awesome. New cool colors!

[another different link removed]

Sorry if you’ve already got this.

my friend needs help. Her bf deleted a lot of her board and a lot of her members and I want to help her get more. Its going to be really cool this time. Help her out and please join.

[yet another link removed]

Banned this user. I don’t think he’ll bother us again.

Thanks Liggy! :bow:

Used a different name before, banned that user also…

going by the name of zeppelin2 now, just sent me some crap in a pm

Thanks, banned the user

If it comes to it an IP ban may be useful.

Did this already ages ago :wink:

Guess some people never learn.