Plz Suggest good software

i know this sounds like a very naive question, but can someone plz suggest a good (reputed) recording software other than nero and roxio…most of the CDs i burn are data CDs. roxio and nero have both been giving me errors lately…

thanks :slight_smile:

You could try making ISOs with MagicISO (, then burn the image file with Nero.

Or if you have WinXP, there is a built in CD burner you can use.

Try DVD-mate at

It’s a much better alternative to nero :wink:

I use nero 6 with xpro with no errors
unless the drive is dirty, to which i just use a cd cleaner on the writer

But i have found in the past, if your using a machine with low resources it can cause problems with your writers buffer “underrun etc”

I agree, if both Nero and Easy CD Creator are giving you problems changes are, another software package will also give you problems. It would be better if you could figure out the cause of your problems. Maybe you can uninstall any burning apps, clean your registry and then only install one app. It’s also a good idea to disable Windows XP’s built-in burn engine. It’s not recommended to use it anyway and can cause compatibility problems.

I agree, if both aren’t working you may have some other system problems.

You might try burnatonce (free) if your needs aren’t too complicated.

It’s also a good idea to disable Windows XP’s built-in burn engine.

I am completely new to DVD/RW and have some newby q’s…

How do I do this Please??

I have trouble installing ANY burning software. I have a brand new NEC 2500A which ame with Ulead VideoStuio DV - it hangs during install. I have tried installing Pinnacle Studio 8 - same thing. I had Nero express and NTI CD maker installed - but they would only see my CD-RW and not the DVD-RW.

I has JUST uninstalled both and now have NO CD or DVD burning s/w installed.

What is the best way yo clean the registry and “disable Windows XP’s built-in burn engine” ??

I should point out the 2500A is installed correctly and I can watch DVD movies with WIN DVD and the hardware is correctly recognised by XP.


Has Roxio been uninstalled? I made the mistake of installing it on XP with my 2500a, when I uninstalled it the drive dissapeared and was not recognized by my system, I actually had to do a windows xp system restore to before I installed Roxio to get it back (although I’m sure there would have been another way). Re-installing Roxio did bring the drive back to life, but I hated the idea that my drive was dependant on that program being installed.

Although it sounds like you might have some other issues with your system, perhaps you should back everyhting up, format and do a fresh install of xp. Unless the hardware has been incorrectly installed there won’t be any reason for nero NOT to work at that point.

Thanks - I got it working now - I posted this question on a new thread as it was slightly off topic here. click on my profile and choose ‘more posts by . . .’