Plz. Review LG GSA-H20N

HL-DT-STDVD-RAM GSA-H20N: How good or bad is it? Public opinion needed…does a Sony or Samsung have better shelf life?

Is good.I have a H20N.

Nobody is going to be able to answer that question about shelf life. The only way anyone can tell if a drive is going to keep going well down the road is if they actually own those drives down the road. So you need someone who has owned the latest drive models from those companies for about 2yrs. Obviously that isn’t possible.

Why not base shelf life on how older models performed in the past over time? DVD writer manufacturers are always changing their designs, many of which are radically different from previous ones. Also, they have a habit of changing factories. So it is impossible to compare shelf life based on previous models.

Generally speaking, expect a DVD writer to last for about 2yrs and nothing more. Even if the drive lasts longer than that, technology advances would have rendered your drive obsolete by then.

Ok. I meant by shelf life overall performance of a writer (based on Company). I’ve heard Sony DVD writers are going through some problems, some of my friends’s SONY writers have gone haywire in 3 months :rolleyes: !! And the vendor I usually buy from says ASUS’s recent models are giving trouble…all i wanted to know that if LG has any complaints like that? :slight_smile:

i have an H20L …works great … very good lightscribe quality and wrting speed. I wrote and print (lightscribed( 100 audio cd-s and it’s not working anymore :smiley: … i’ll take another one from warranty … i’ll chose h20l again. I really like it.