Plz plz help me!



i own a pc with a hp dvd writer 300c built internally into it and just recently i wanted to start burning onto blank dvd’s(this where it gets confusing)the drive plays dvd films,cdr’s,records onto cd-r,but if i put a blank dvd into it it doesnt recognise it?i got dvd-r,and dvd+r it doesnt recognise any of them???my friend burnt an iso file onto a blank dvd and it didnt recognise the iso or the dvd it was on???im using xp os,if anyone can help i’d be very very gratefull :sad:


The 300 series can only burn DVD+R media. What software are you trying to burn with? What brand of +R media are you using?


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As said before, this drive can only burn +R and +RW. Also, for DVD burning you MUST use a proper burning app. That built-in thing in xp is ONLY suitable for CDs!

PS: The 300C is an Philips OEM drive, the 300N is a NEC 1100 clone.


sorry about posting the same question in 2 different places,i put it in here then realised i should of put it in the newbie part,any suggestions on a good burning program for me to use(300c)???


You won’t go too far wrong with Nero as a DVD movie burning program. I use it almost exclusively.
For burning image files (ISO,IMG,BIN) I use DVD Decrypter ( & search).
For burning CDs my preference is Roxio but Burrrn ( is a good free alternative. Nero will also do CD’s but I just prefer Roxio.


Latest version of Nero is all you need, installing multiple burning apps like Nero & Roxio can be problematic.


Nero has and has some minor compatibility problems regarding DVD-VIDEO.
I can recommend to use with ImgToolBurn instead Nero when it comes to DVD-VIDEO. ImgToolBurn uses the Nero API but produces 100% compliant discs.


what if my friend puts some files onto a blank dvd?how can i get my drive to read the dvd so i can get the stuff off the dvd onto my pc???


I would have thought you could just open the DVD with explorer and copy/paste them onto the hard drive.


i would but the problem is even when my friend put an iso file onto a blank dvd it didnt show up as anything on it???when u click on the dvd drive and put a blank or full dvd into it(original dvds work fine)it says"0 bytes free/0 bytes available?grrrrrrrrrrrrr :confused:


It will allways say 0 byes free. That is why you need a burning program. If your friend put a ISO file on the DVD then you will need to mount the ISO with somethig like Deamon Tools to view the contents of the ISO file.


If a NOT BALNK CD/DVD is seen as BLANK, make sure you check the m$ support sites.
They feature that issue and also a solution for this. Search for “CD seen as blank”.