Plz oh plz sort me out! (i need professional helP)

hello, forumreaders, good time of day to you!

i am (as i’ve written countless times before) using DVD+Rs and DLs for backing up (mostly movies, which my little ones seem to ruin with their day-to-day life). i have gone through a slew of horrible and fake discs (i unfortunately learned on MY OWN mistakes, since then i had no one to help me.) since then i have found and bought Verbatim DL (which are printer hub printable). i have several questions…

1st: why do people here praise these Verbatim DLs as this page seems to suggest that TYs are the best?

2nd: right now, i DO NOT have a printer capable of hub printing (and reading mostly horrific reviews am not anxious to own one); nor do i have a lightscribe drive (i believe so although i bought it long ago and am not sure of its capabilities - plz don’t kick me).

3rd: i am quite happy with my HP PSC 1210 printer (i scan a lot) and use it to print (YES) sticky labels for CDs/DVDs. after buying the printable DVDs, i got a little interested on the subject and decided to research it. (as i’ve said most reviews are horrible! and some tell me that replacement cartridges cost MORE than a new printer WITH cartridges included!!!)

4th: the Verbatim printable DVDs have no lines on them, so this makes writing with a SHARPIE a difficult ordeal. wher r the NOT HUB PRINTABLE Verbatim DLs? can you please point me towards them?

5th: bigger picture. should i or should i not get into this whole mess with the hub-capable printers? if not, what is another avenue of thought here?

p.s. i have had some spectacular DVD degredation problems (and now i believe they were not only caused by crappy knock-offs and fakes, but also these sticky labels that poo-pooed the discs.)

any suggestions are welcome.

p.p.s. are these discs MIS??? and how do they differ from ???

thnk u for answering!

To answer your first question.
As far as I know TY does not make DL disc jet, that is why Verbatim is #1 in that category.
Mind you there are some Verb’s made in India, that did not get too high mark either.
As for labeling. This question come on forum from time to time and there are different opinions.
I have been using labels for last +5 years and have no problem with any of my DVD. It could be different for CD, because the way they are produced.
If you ever broke DVD, you will see that the sensitive layer is sandwiched between two plastic disc so unless, whatever is in label sticky part, can eat through that, than may be.
Most problem with sticky labels is attributed to improper application, like installing without a tool, so label will unbalance the disc.
Other is that the paper will absorb water and shrink on drying to insert strain on the disc.
Printers are not without problems either as they are using ink which can degrade DVD. It is said that this is being addressed by manufacturers.
Even Sharpie were listed as causing problem, because ink is alcohol based.
So take your pick.
I think your problem was a cheep media as, beside producing bad burn, the dye will degrade also.

The Light scribe is my biggest dilemma. How come the same laser doing your burn will not touch the dye when burning the image from other side and label will do???

ok, alright.

is buying Verbatim DLs the way to go? probably. (and i need something i can take to the bank.) i would like to buy Verbatim MIS DLs that are not hub printable, thus having matte cover and lines on which i can write with my (YES) sharpie. in the links i posted above, the Verbatims seem to be MII. how can i be sure? plz help me sort things out.

I am afraid, that you are stuck there, unless you buy a package and check it with MediaInfo you will not know.
It helps if they advertise Made in Singapore, or if you buy in store, look at the box. It is written there, sometimes hard to find small text.
Nothing on DVD. Some have brand name on the hub, hard to read.
But in general Verbatim is safe way to go, however no bank will take it as an asset.:slight_smile:

Is it really necessary to use printable or LS-able DVDs for movies that will be used by thelittle ones???

[QUOTE=chef;2044674]Is it really necessary to use printable or LS-able DVDs for movies that will be used by thelittle ones???[/QUOTE]

maybe not.

but i need to find MIS +Rs anyway!!! would be helpful if they would be DLs. (NOT hub printable, but MIS)

The Verbatim DL printable discs sold by Rima are MIS. Just bought a tub last week.

[QUOTE=CDan;2046443]The Verbatim DL printable discs sold by Rima are MIS. Just bought a tub last week.[/QUOTE]

that’s the same tub i bought from but i would like a NONprintable surface that you can easily write on (i know you can write on this too, it’s just that there are no lines or reference points of any kind.)

You can walk into any store in the USA and find MIS DL media. Office Max is a good place to start.