Plz insert cd into error



hi, yes i’m a newbie on this site

1st off thanks in advance, my problem is...

i am able to read/install with my dvd drive, but when i come to play my battlefield 2142 game it tells me to insert the cd into the drive…Yes i have a legit copy and no no cd cracks…

My dvd drive is setup as Master, and my cd rw is as a slave…and the DVD (battlefield 2142) is not broken or anything, it works on an other pc…EVERYTHING is up to date even my DVD player… i use to be able to play( with the same setup as now) and now it won’t budge…and b4 anyone ask, deamon tools, nero, alcohol are all off…i even did want ea says to do and nothing, " big help"

Could this have to do with something in the BIOS?..

mine is like this



When you mean off what do you mean? Usually you have to unistall Deamon and alcohol tools completely to make your cd drive work again and in some cases when disabling them doesn’t work.


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by off i meant, no icon in the bottom right where the clock is…i’v uninstalled deamon and alcohol, restarted the pc… and …well…it works…for now…i did every single thing that i could find on the net and i never even thought of UNinstalling it/them…wow

thanks and sorry for the waste of internet space…haha


:slight_smile: nice reply bum, made me chuckle.

Great job coolcolors :clap:


while there seems to be life here, maybe someone could help with this

i have the right specs, and updates bla bla