Plz Help ...winxp On Ws Sata Drive

I have a big problem, i v got the western digital SERIAL ATA at 80 GB and i want to install windows in it. The problem is that the xp setup does not regognize the drive , even if i used F6 to install third party devices and instaled promise 378ATA etc…

I have the latest update and still the same… i have connected the sata ath SATA 1 controller ofcourse

I have th SK8V deluxe ASUS motherboard

PLZ any solutions ? ??? ??? ??? can i install winxp on my drive (sata) or not ? …plz any help its accepted ~~~~~~~~~~

Personally, i would keep you OS on the Raptor, i have that and its the best way, or is it for another computer?

What mainboard do you have, what firmware?
My ASUS comes with promise 378ATA…

JUST FIXED IT … the sata cable has melted from the inside … got a new cable and installed just fine … i oppened the other one i saw the meltetion :confused:

they didn’t have any explain to give me … anyways … thank u all guys …