Plz help, why CDRWIN4.0 doesn't recognize my burner?


Just install a Sony (48X24X48X) CD burner. Unfortunately, Cdrwin 4.0a (Golden Hawk) recognize it as a reader not a recorder. Effectively, when I run this program and click on Device settings; the Reader tab shows the Sony and the Recorder shows the Ricoh. The drop down arrow doesn’t have any other options. Am I missing something?

Advance thanks for any kind of suggestion and help.

My sys:
OS: Win2K sp1
Abit KT7 Raid (w/o raid installation),
Tbirds 800,
256MB RAM,
128MB Nvidia Quadro4 750XGL,
Primary master Sony CRX215A1 burner on 1st ATA33 IDE channel, Primary slave Ricoh CD-R/RW MP7083A on 1st ATA33 IDE channel,
Secondary master 9GB Quantum KA+ on 2nd ATA33 IDE channel
Primary master 80GB 7200RPM 8MB BUFFER WD800JB on 1st ATA100 IDE channel,
Primary slave WD1200JB removable rack on 1st ATA100 IDE channel,
Secondary master 30GB IBM 75GXP on 2nd ATA100 IDE channel,

install cdrwin’s ASPI if u haven’t already done so and select it as ur ASPI in the program.

Maybe it simply doesn’t recognise your burner because it is too new.
Try 3.9c

After installing 3.9c the problem disappears.

Thank you all for your help.