Plz help .. no clue computer prob

ok got a real complicated problem here …

i got a computer here, trying to fix, well in the sys tray it shows the 2 computers showing its connected to the internet … have tried this on ETHERNET, DIALUP, DSL, and wireless DSL … all doin the same thing … IE wont work, no instant messengers will work … sumthing is bundled up in the software i believe … ive ran CWShredder, fixed one CWS file and restored 2 IE points … have ran spybot 1.3 and adware (ref 8-04) … just installed NORTON 2004 on there, ran it, no viruses, had ZA on there to see if any strange progs were trying to access internet … and no luck, i tried to ping the computer by typing run>cmd>ping … and all packets were lost … im so confused as to what this could be, thanks for any help

Are you trying to access the web via ICS?
Did you ping the NIC itself to make sure there is no problem -> C:\ping
Can you ping outside such as C:\ping
Did you check the hosts file, once CWS is present, this makes a HUGE mess all over the O/S
Also try Ad-Aware by lavasoft ->

There is much more you can try but these are a goodo starting point, report back and we can see what further steps can be taken