* PLZ Help! * ND-3520A On Acard ARS-2030T - Problem

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased an Acard ARS-2030T PCI-Based Copy Controller. The controller has been put in a case with 4 NEC ND-3520A DVD-RW drives.

Everything boots up fine and it all looks great. However as soon as I go to copy I keep getting the error message ‘Target Drive Not Ready’.

The controller firmware has been updated to the latest (1.38J).

I really would appreciate help on this. Having spent allot of cash I feel really depressed about the whole thing.

On a side note I have emailed both my supplier and Acard, so they may possibly come back with something.

Website links…

Acard Controller: http://www.acard.com.tw/english/fb01-product.jsp?idno_no=70&prod_no=ARS-2030T&type1_title=CD/DVD%20Duplicator&type1_idno=4

NEC DVD-RW Drive: http://www.nec.co.uk/DVD_RW_ND3520.aspx

Supplier: http://ukdvdr.co.uk/shop/product.php?productid=17363&cat=75&page=1

Thank you for time and I hope someone can help :sad:

Regards, Adam

No one know anything about this?

Are you burning from the HD? A NEC 3520 is not fast enough to supply other 3520’s with data for on-the-fly copying.

Hi rdgrimes,

Thank you for your post.

No I am not using a Hard Drive. I will try putting one in now and see if it works.

Out of curiousity, why is the NEC ND-3520A not fast enough? I thought 16x was the best speed currently available.

Regards, Adam

The 3520 reads dual layer discs at 5x, not 16x. But, even at 16x read speed it’s not fast enough for 16x copies. Your source drive must be faster than the write drive(s). If you’re copying dual layer discs, you will need to burn at 2.4x, or use a rip-unlocked firmware and copy at 4x.
A much better approach is to rip an ISO to hard drive and burn that. (faster too)

Well all I want to copy is standard DVD’s at 8x so I still don’t see why there should be this problem.

Anyway I installed the Hard Drive and made an image file, but I still get ‘Target Drive Not Ready’.

Silly question, but did you put blank dvds in the burners?

Yes in the 3 drives I wish to copy to there is blank DVD media.

Are you trying to copy movies??? If so, a DVD movie wont fit on a blank DVD. You may want to try something like DVD shrink to do make it a 4.7gb image.

I am debating on purchasing the same unit but dont think it is really worth the hassle if you need to use a PC anyway…just my 2 cents

I have the same card. Is there any way to copy protected dvd’s? is there a jump switch or something like that.