Hello All, I seem to be having quite a problem here. I already posted it in another forum, but to no avail. Here’s my problem: Hello all, plz help me!! I recently tryed installing clone cd, and tryed to make a backup of RTCW pc game. Everything was going fine, it wrote the image to the HD and after I put in a blank it started writing. During the process, my computer froze and i closed everything and tried to restart. Just before windows reboot, the drive led was still red indicating it was still trying to write to the disc!! Anyway, after that I tryed burning a DVD and it said 4x but the buffer shot up and down and it took a terribly long time. The next time I tryed to burn a cd it was stuck at 28x and I said screw that!! I uptated it to the latest firmware just now, now when I try burning a image cd, the buffer still jumps up and down and it’s taken nearly 10 minutes to write at 40X!!!
Please help me…

Go into Windows Device Manager and turn on DMA for your IDE channels.
It sounds like DMA or UDMA got turned off.

It says DMA if available. I’ve heard of a registry hack to get windows to recognize DMA…any ideas?