Plz help, i'm about to give up

Hi all,

I have plextor 16/19/40A that is not identified bij windows (running ME version), it was found by windows untill a few days ago but I downloaded intel-chipset update/accelerator because i could not burn cd’s anymore. Some errormessage that “dataflow” or something was to slow, real strange because i never had that problem. I have updated nero, clone-cd etc. etc. no luck, updated drivers no luck, even worse no writer…

MB= asus cusl2-c rev.1009
os= winME
writer= px-w161040A
problem= writer not to be found in widows, does show up as sec. maste during bootup

Well… thats about it i think, if you can help me out it would be great.

Thanks in advance

Obviously it must be the updated driver that is causing your problem.
You can change the driver for secondary channel this way:
right click “My Computer” >properties >Device Manager >Hard disk controller >Secondary (Ultra ATA?)

choose “properties” >Driver tab >update driver >next

choose “Specify location” and then choose the Microsoft driver with the date "6/8/2000

This should do the trick (I hope). If not, you can always change back to the previous driver following the same route again.

Do you have hard discs on secondary channel?
If you have it will be somewhat slower with this driver, if not then you are able to enable DMA for the Plex if you wish.

I THINK this will help you out.

Good Luck!