PLZ!Help, big problem with liton 1693s dvdrw

hello to all

i bought liton 1693s after my nec2500 die…
i work with the new drive and all go smooth…today i put some backup dvdrw in my new drive to copy stuff from there to my hd, and the drive show nothing, and nero also show “empty” , from 5 dvdrw its only able to show 1 dvdrw that work, i didnt delete nothing from those dvdrw and i certain 100%so its not possible that its empty from begning.

i notice also that nero disc info not able to say how much is in use or how much avialbe its show (??)…

plz help, i must get data from those dvdrw, btw i burned them on the old nec and they worked fine b4.


1 OF THE DVDR is also a windows boot installtion, so when i try to see if its my windows problem and start it from “boot” its not able to do so…so i think its not my windows problem…:frowning: