PlusDeck PC cassette deck-convert tapes to digital files

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 Do you have a lot of "old" music cassette's laying around?  Now there is a solution for your favorite tapes.The PlusDeck is a full-logic  cassette deck for your PC. Use it to archive your...
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Damn:( If this came out about 2 years ago I would have been a happy bunny, but I have replaced most of my tapes with CD’s now.

1 word - shielding… Surely having a tape deck so close to the PSU and various other forms of electromagnetic interference (optical drives etc…) would be an audiophile’s perfect form of hell. I’d still be under the assumption that an external tape deck would always come out tops for the above reason. Neat idea though, along with Sony’s Drive Bay MD drive… cute.

Too bad it can’t be used as a tape back-up system;) Seriously though, if you have the money to spend it’s nice. But if you don’t all you need is a tape player with an audio out and a PC with a sound card that has an audio in (which most are already equipped with).
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1 word - shielding… ??? How do you think a tape deck get on in a normal hi-fi? Would an audiophile even use tape anyway? its shite and always has been.

The audio specs suck. I’ll stick with the tape deck I’ve got fed into my SB Live. This thing doesn’t appear to have either Dolby (let alone Dolby C) or HX pro, it doesn’t even say anything about bias. @IHP: Nakamichi Dragon :slight_smile: