Plumax USB/Firewire 6mo external case review

Hi all,

I bought a Plumax PM-525C2-PPS V4 Silver Combo USB 2.0 & Firewire 1394 External Enclosure for 5.25 / 3.5 Inch HDD/Device, w/ Ball Bearing Fan & EMI Shield from DealSonic about 6 months ago, and promised a review when finished. I see that they are still selling it as well (Part#:DSPMX525C2PPS) I have a laptop and bought the NEC 3520A for it. My P3 1.0ghz laptop only had a USB1.0 port, so I have used it almost exclusively through firewire.

Quick summary: flawless operation. I’ve burned/copied/shrunk countless video DVD’s, regularly use DVD-RW’s for backups, burned audio and data CD’s with absolutely no failures outside a few stupid errors on my end (like accidently unplugging it while it was writing) - not one unexpected coaster. It burns in all modes without any unexpected buffer runouts. I’ve burned data and audio CD’s up to 48x without a hickup (didn’t have faster media). I’ve done variety of DVD video copies - both raw, via dvd decrypt, and dvd shrink. Burned DVD videos, burned DVD ISO’s, at 8x and 16x without a problem. I’ve copied a number of dual-layer video and data DVD’s (2.4x), and regularly use DVD-RW’s (8x) for my backup purposes. I think I’ve used all the different modes and speeds possible on this drive - all without a hitch.

Physically, the case has held up very well. The plastic hasn’t scratch or cracked that I can see. You can tell this isn’t the kind of case that will take a beating or dropping, but with the drive in it; it is very solid and the fan - while not silent - is very tolerable but really does a great job of keeping things cool. It’s got just enough design not to look plain, but not so much as to look tackey.

Overall I have been extremely happy with this case - it works so flawlessly that it’s transparent. I just plug it in and go for any operation. Absolutely great performance and no unusual behavior. My performance characteristics are as good as any of the internal/desktop installations.

In short, if you want a great USB/Firewire external case for an excellent price ($29.99!), go no further than this guy - you can’t go wrong.

Hope this helps. I’m returning the favor for those who helped me pick a case. Post here if there is something specific you think I should try (I probably have but just forgot to put it up :slight_smile:

Thanks for this. I am buying my Plumax enclosure today, along with a BenQ 1640 :iagree:

How is this drive (BenQ 1640) working in this enclosure?

I purchased the BenQ 1640 drive and a Coolmax CD-510 external enclosure. I can’t get the drive to work in this enclosure and need to find an enclosure that works best with this drive. Any suggestions?

The BenQ 1640 has no problems working in this house :slight_smile: Many of us here use this configuration.

u sure it hits 16x burning? can show some burst rates and burning curves using cdspeed?

and there is no 8x DVD-RW! :frowning:

benq 1640 is not designed to work externally due to f/w limitation.
it cant hit 16x burning externally.

Dealsonic disagrees and they are pretty specific about what their enclosures will do. Anyone interested should give them an email and ask about what they can do with BenQ. It just might work; Sony, NEC, Pioneer, or Lite-On all do.