Plugging in USB devices shuts down computer

Plugging in USB devices shuts down computer

Just recently I noticed plugging in either my mp3 player, or digital camera suddenly halted all power running through my laptop. The power lights shut off, and the machine goes dead.

I have to restart the computer by pulling out the USB device and press the power key. What’s causing the relationship between USB and complete power shutdown?

It’s not the USB device (mp3 player, digital camera) nor any cables because I tried my devices on other computers with the same cables, and they connected properly.

On my computer, attaching a USB device either shuts down the machine entirely, or pops up a warning saying USB malfunctioning. I’ve tried uninstalling, and disabling the devices in Device Manager, but Windows only finds them, reinstallsg them, but ultimately rejects them again (because the devices never appear in My Computer).

What’s wrong? Do I need to replace the USB units on my old generic laptop? Do I need to connect USB devices using a non-USB port, like PCMCIA? If the latter is the case, how will I connect to WIFI since my only PCMCIA slot currently holds a wireless card.