PLse Advise: LDW811 or A106?

Hello all ! - my first post

I have decided to take the jump and get a DVD Writer but im little confused on what to buy.
I love LITEONS and already have a CD Writer & DVD player that i never have had complains with. This is tempting me to buy the LDW811 DVD Writer at a nice price of only £103 in uk.
The only thing stopping me going ahead is concerns about ability of LDW811 with DVD Media. I have a chiped XBOX which i use a Media Center to play MP3/Divx Movies etc as well as play odd game. I would like to be able to burn Movies/Mp3 compilations and play on the XBOX.
Can anyone advise if Liteon have or ever will sort out the Media writting issues soon… I would really like to stick with Liteon based on past experience - and they do a great deal of firmware updates.
Or should i not aste time waiting for Liteon to fix things and get the trusty old Pioneer A106 as this seems to be very good with most Media & plays it on Xbox/Ps2 ??

Please advise / share opinions.



There are no issues with media and the 811 that you should be concerned about. the Xbox is another issue. It seems that it all depends on what drive is in your Xbox. There are a number of threads on that topic here.
to answer your question, whether you buy the 8x or the 106 depend on your need for 8x burning. for the most part, the 2 drives will perform very much alike, except the 106 is a little more forgiving of crappy media than the LiteOn.
If you want to use cheap media, the 106 might be your best option in that regard. HOWEVER, you cannot check burn quality with a 106, only the LiteOn can do that.

Go with the pioneer A06, download the firmware 1.07 that lets u read dvds at 12 and makes it region free and burn some cheap media at 2x, and keep your princos(with the firmware u can burn 1x princos at 2x). The Xbox just loves the princos…im pretty sure the ps2 will too :wink: