Pls recommend a non picky dvd-rom



have access to the ff brands… I already have a Lite-On CD-RW and DVD-RW so i DON’T need anything that will break copy protection schemes… all i want is a drive that will have no worries in reading cheap dvd-r media … so i need a drive that need not rip at high speeds, need not break copy protection schemes… just a drive that will read more media… please help asap!

MSI Starspeed
LG Collins
LiteOn -> i found it to be picky


I found my Toshiba (1802) DVD-ROM drive reads my cheap Princo and Leda DVD-R media well. I also have a Lite-On DVD-ROM and I know it’s rather picky - the pick-up head will eventually get “lost” when trying to read a cheap disc and soon after the operating system will make it seem like the disc is no longer in the drive (drive is inaccessable).
If you stick to the original firmware that comes with the Toshiba you’ll find that the drive doesn’t want to give up - if it comes across a “difficult” part of a disc, it’ll slow down but it’ll take a while before it gives up and gives you an error message!
If you do use the hacked firmware it should still work nicely, here is a graph of the drive reading a 1x Princo disc written over a year ago:


the LG ones aren’t picky about media too. on the other hand my Lite-On was very picky that I had to return it.


Samsung, Toshiba and Pioneer have been rather picky for me.

My asus and Lite-On (only the LTD-166S model) have been okay to my experiences.


LiteOn’s read everything! I have yet to find media that my 165 wont read!


try burning a dvd+rw (ricoh) at 4x and scan it with kprobe or even just the basic transfer rate test from nero’s cd/dvd speed…

the 411s (Lite-On DVD-Writer) was able to read it… but my 166s (Lite-On DVD-ROM) wasn’t able to read it properly… according to the LiteOn forums the 166s is indeed very picky… so… i’m leaning towards non liteon brands…


I’ve got an Asus E616 that I’m very happy with.:iagree:


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I am currently testing my “new” Asus e616p (fingers crossed!)

i hope it does well…

using nero cd/dvd speed

it started at 4x and is at 8x slightly before the 3GB line… my lite-on 166s wasn’t able to read at that speed…


it maxed at 8x… but it was able to finish the disk… maybe full disk would be a better thing to read…

i’m satisfied so far… will try the crappy dvd-r disk :smiley: now…

update 2:

dvd-r test

started at 1.43x hehhee…

ooh… btw i’m reading the dvd-r that my liteon LDW-401s modded to 411s failed to finish (Lead Out failed)…

it’s still readable… i was able to retreive files from it… somehow… just trying :smiley:


Glad the drive is working out for you. My E616 (not p) works beautifully.

BTW, what’s the difference between the two drives?


I know you didn’t list it, but if you get the chance, don’t pick up an afreey drive.

I had a 12X that could barely read pressed dvd media, let alone burned stuff .


He already got an Asus E616p.:smiley: