Pls intro a software

I want to convert my movies, which are in .avi format divx/xvid… I need to convert them into dvd format so that i can burn them into a DVD+RW… any software that might help?

There are several. I mostlly use nero (not nesasarilly the best but it does a decent job when it works and is pretty easy to use). Look here

nero? i have nero suite 6… which program?

Mediostream has a program called neodvd. They have a fully functionnal 15 or 30 day trial on their site. You input the avi, add simple menus, select a quality setting and you can burn directly to DVD RW disc or send the output to hdd.
I own an older version of the software and like it. I tried the new version 7 trial to try some new features but for me it wasn’t a free upgrade and I didn’t want to spend the extra cost to upgrade. It also accepts wmv files as input and can do video capture from a capture card and write it (directtodisc) direct to dvd playable disc also with only a few seconds of wait to close the disc at the end of capture. When I compare it to encoders like CCE or Mainconcept it’s not quite as good but generally very good because it’s simple and fast. I use it for tv shows.

btw) In case someone thinks it: I have no affiliation with this company it’s just one of the programs in my toolbox. (But if they want to send me a free copy of Neodvd7 I won’t complain) :slight_smile:

Open start smart. Look for the “make your own dvd-video” option. That opens nero vision express and it should be ready to go making a dvd. Click add video files and add your xvid etc. files. The next pages will step you through making a simple menu. The menu graphics are cheassy, but you can insert stills of short vid clips from you vid files for the background and/or the buttons. Let me know if you have questions or need help. It is pretty easy to figure out though.

To tell you the truth, with these all in one converters (like nero or the one gumshoe99 linked to), they work most of the time, but plan on using more than one if you have a lot of diffrent files (occationally you will run into files that one particular program will not like). Here are some more.
I think that nero does a pretty good job considering how easy it is to use, but like most of them, it doesn’t always like certain files.