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PLS help me I have flush my liteon cdrw from 40x to 48x... succesfully. Windows detect the drive and when i boot up it would detect cdrw. MY problem is that may nero won't detect, any tips? Thanks alot.....


Make sure you have version

If you have, uninstall nero and reinstall it.


I,ll try to use nero thats the only thing i didnt try.
Again tnx for the quick response. :slight_smile:


Dear guys,

I want to buy a LIte-on and I asked to my reseller to give me the serial numbers of the drives he sell.

He gave me this number : LTR40125S-R :confused:

damn there is a -R that didn’t appear on the compatibility of the drivers to overclock.

Do you have a clue on this ??


The -R probably indicates that it is the retail version, nothing more. Should still be OC’able.


I never heard of R at the end of cdrw serial no. as you can see in Liteon’s website no pruduct no. ends in R on a cdrw. Maybe its an OEM.


I’m with burnproof, R must be Retail.


ok if R means retail … Im just wondering Liteon website they dont have R in their cdrw? s and w they do have… are they all OEM then?


By the way CD-Freak i tried nero it work fine tnx again…