Pls help!



:slight_smile: hey guys i was trying to copy Black Dawn so i went in to dvd shrink and a error message comes up invalid dvd navigation structre i also have dvd43 put dunno lk i tried a dycrpter and all and it just doesnt change it still comes up with invalid dvd navigation structre any ideas


Try anydvd instead of dvd43 and have a look at here


ok thanx for that :wink:


Also you can use in anydvd the ripper mode right click on the fox and you’ll see it.


yer ive tried anydvd but it dnt work that well but thanx


what do you mean it didn’t work? did you use the anydvd ripper? the anydvd ripper outputs files that work 100% with dvd shrink.

anydvd and dvd43 are conflicting drivers so its important to completely uninstall one without the other.

please explain your “anydvd doesn’t work that well” comment. if you explain it we can help. if you just say it doesn’t work and leave it at that then, well…you’re stuck with no solution. ehichever way you prefer i guess.