Pls Help: Trying to get back some files from session 1



Pls Help. had some important files saved on a Cd and some time lated saved 4 more files. When I tried to open the files only the last 4 files were visible.
Through Disc info, it shows that there are 2 Sessions. How can I view and get back the files on session 1? (since they are very important)


I had the same problem when i upgraded to the newest release of nero…i found that i had to download a program called ISO-Buster . with the free trial version i was able to recover all the files that seemed to be hidden on the disc…you have to play with ISO-BUSTER a little to figure it out, but i am sure you can do it. i also went back to the old version of nero ultra EDITION 6 AND HAVE NO MORE PROBLEMS…I SHOULD HAVE STAYED WITH IT IN THE FIRST PLACE…GOOD LUCK, Rod …sorry about the caps…hit the wrong key!


When you do a “continue multi-session disc” if you deselect “refresh compilation when importing session”, you shouldn’t have this problem again. It’s not a bug, it’s just that you didn’t understand the multisession options so you didn’t get what you were expecting.

Isobuster should let you get those files back. It works by reading the data on the sessions directly, rather than the format of the Table Of Contents (TOC) as you wrote them to disc.